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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: But you still see us as a bad thing. …

Rebekah Carter: But you still see us as a bad thing. Many of us are highly intelligent & gifted. Including many non-speaking who advocate via AAC, etc. and tired of being seen as incompetent.

Some have co-curring conditions you are confusing w/autism. And we aren’t some small percentage of the “snowflake disorder” but a very large global community.

You still don’t view us as equal even though many of us are not only equal to you competency-wise but superior because of our autistic brains. You don’t talk about the green flags. And not all kids who smear poop, have sleepless nights, etcs, do that forever.

Autism is harder to diagnose in adults because many outgrow things from childhood that are often looked at. No we don’t outgrow it but many of us are proud and not a puzzle piece.

A$ promotes abusive therapies including ABA (that often STARVES kids and uses witholding of food, potty, etc. as punishments) and electrocution. The color blue represents autism being a boys’ club and is why may girls are under-diagnosed. The puzzle is offensive.

Please listen to actually autistic people. You can crumple up your poem but your attitude & view of us has yet to change … and it won’t until you get your own dx. As a former autism parent and now late dx’d autistic and mom of autistics, I encourage you to stop public speaking until you learn more. I run a very large parent support group where autistics have the floor.

Listen to autistics. Ditch A$. They don’t speak for us.

By International Badass Activists

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