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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: Autism … It’s the magic juice that runs my engine, not just my meltdowns.

Evaleen Whelton: I can’t believe I’ll never get the time it took to read that utter rubbish back.

To save others time I’ll summarize:

I’m sorry I hurt ye before but here’s some more words and long sentences which will only do the same.

Ugh. Arrogant.

Frances George: I read this all the way through and felt that you’d come some distance until you then revealed how you’re still not sure if you think autism should be “cured”.

I’m too numb today but I know this will hurt tomorrow. I am going to do my autistic best here and continue with the attempts to explain things to you, for your sons and our community.

It is perfectly possible to support medical improvements in treating *specific medical disorders* without supporting the unscientific and horrific cultural ida of eradicating an entire people. The latter is kind of self-explanatory re: being Very Bad, I’d hope. And currently there is no way to talk about “curing” autism that doesn’t just mean the latter.


Autism is not a medical condition in any meaningful standalone sense, so there is no rational meaning to “curing” it other than wanting to eradicated autistic people. The only real ways to “cure” autism are

1. to screen in-utero and perform eugenics – something Autism Speaks have supported, or

2. to do something similar to gay conversion therapy, which is how ABA started. Both aimed at ways of being that have been listed as medical conditions in the DSM. Homosexuality, autism.

But autism can come with such serious medical problems, right? Yes. But specific medical deficits and struggles could be alleviated or cured in the future (e.g. epilepsy, extreme dysregulation) without horrific attack on a cultural minority’s existence. It is strange that you are upset your second autistic kid might read your poem, but not worried he might find out you want him to be a different person, to be eradicated. I would like more sophisticated approaches to my own medical issues, but looking for a cure to my own neurology isn’t going to give me that. it’s just a path to ignorance, fear and (self) hatred.

Yes, I need to write a list to get through my morning self care routine. I learned many things in my 30s people learn in their teenage years or younger. Yes, being autistic is really very hard indeed, for me. But I still want to exist with my hugely spiky cognitive profile. It makes an excellent artist and a wonderful friend and without being autistic I would not exist as myself.

And when I am in all-autistic spaces, I am at peace, and extremely happy. From the outside we may seem broken or weird, but we are focused on learning and solutions and passions. You can run a lecture then roll on the floor and be accepted. There is so much richness and complexity to our communications.

Did you know that a recent study showed that autistic-autistic pairings of strangers were found to communicate more effectively than non-autistic pairings? Autism comes tangled with a lot of hard knocks, but it simply is not just a deficit. It’s the magic juice that runs my engine, not just my meltdowns. It’s more than any individual.

By International Badass Activists

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