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SPARK for Autism will not say what they will do with our DNA, we can only guess. It reminds me of the XMEN Mutant Registration Act. This says my thoughts on the whole mess.


Kay Kobetic It’s 2019, your child is your child. Just love them how they are 😔

Author Fierce Autie Kay Kobetic pretty much but this is how society makes us feel 4

Jennifer Arturo I questioned them heavily about their involvement with drug companies and they are definitely under big pharma’s thumb.

John English the people that own SPARK also own big pharma, they are big pharma’s thumb

Angie Mae Naught I was wondering wtf their deal is.

Henrietta Kay They are doing genetic studies which translates into “let us abort some,autistic fetuses just like we do some Down’s Syndrome fetuses.” 12

Belinda Hanger This is one of the reasons I like X men. So much – it really covers the marginalised (neurodiverse and LGBT) more then other comics- watchmen too.   And yes agree 💯 with this post. Same stinky/cringy feels mixed with vague feelings of horror and terror. Go away spark. 7

Sarah Penner Belinda Hanger they probably tie in with Neurodiverse and LGBT than the original thing they were made to help with (racism) 1

Tim Shields Okay so like yeah Spark sucks and is insidious AF but this meme is really top-tier. 5

Author Fierce Autie Tim Shields thank you. My husband gave me the idea and i ran with it

Vanessa Blevins That’s exactly what it feels like. 1

Darby Bailey McDonough Is this an actual advert?

Author Fierce Autie Darby Bailey McDonough no it is a photoshopped version of the mutant registration act ad from X-men 4

Robert Gehrman Âû I bet they drink it. 🤢

Sayre Franke I am quite sure they are working on a prenatal test. Which leads to the ability to terminate. 😠😡

Author Fierce Autie Sayre Franke me too

John English they are openly working on a prenatal test for a cure. they refuse to say how exactly you can “cure” autism, or how the prenatal test will help.

Rachel Kery Sayre Franke actually they’re really not. That’s not to say that there aren’t scientists from SPARK who wouldn’t be interested in prenatal diagnosis…(there are, and they are usually assholes who really don’t understand what autism even is).

The joke is on them though, because the genetics of autism are extremely complicated, and involve mostly common genetic variations (we think Autistics have somewhat more of some of them, so autism is less a disease genetically speaking and more just one end of the healthy human genetic bell curve).

This isn’t like Cystic Fibrosis or other single gene disorders or a dramatic chromosome-rearrangement like you’d see in Downs Syndrome.

To be able to screen for Autism prenatally we’d have to sequence the fetus’s entire genome, and even then we’d be only able to give a % likelihood. It’s just not practical. There are also plenty of scientists like me who want to use this data to help autistic people who have other neuropsychiatric issues like anxiety, depression, or epilepsy.

Understanding the underlying genetic differences that contribute to these sorts of disorders in autistics could make it easier to develop more effective treatments for autistics with these disorders.

I really wish the autism self advocacy network or another organization like it would create its own genetic database and research funding, it would be much easier for those of us in biomed who understand that autism isn’t a disease or something that needs treatment to come up with effective treatments to help autistics with other issues.

We’re having to use SPARK data because it’s what’s available. We’re having to apply for research funding from hate groups like Autism Speaks, because that’s one of the only funding sources available. It really sucks.

By Eve Reiland

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