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Hate Speech By @NCSAAutismOrg To Autistics | Autism, excepting the nouvelle “lite” kind | #IAmAutisticAndIVote

Replying to @BudrykZack Autism, excepting the nouvelle “lite” kind, is a serious neurodevelopmental disability that incapacitates and costs our economy countless billions. It warrants our most serious attention; impossible to comprehend your flippant dismissiveness @thehill

7:36 AM · Sep 18, 2019·Twitter for iPhone2 LikesEve Reiland | #AutisticAndProud@BadassActivist·6m

Replying to @NCSAutismOrg@BudrykZack and @thehillStop using hate speech towards my Autistic children. How dare you segregate my family into who you believe is worthy of help and who is worthy of suicide, homelessness, incarceration as care, abuse and murder. Oh, the ‘burden’ talk. You going AktionT4 on us?

1Eve Reiland | #AutisticAndProud@BadassActivist·4mthis autism-lite is hate speech. How dare you speak this way about members of my family you deem not worthy. I’m a 47-year-old Autistic mom to Autistic and non-Autistic kids. My oldest are 26 now and you need to sit the hell down and get out of my family’s healthcare

.Eve Reiland | #AutisticAndProud@BadassActivist·2mReplying to @NCSAutismOrg@BudrykZack and @thehill

We have a right to representation. My children deserve better than this — stop inciting hate, stigma, and ugliness. You’re work is diving Autistic children from their parents right now. Families are at war too because of you. You’ve done nothing for us, just your agenda. $$$

By Eve Reiland

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