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Fierce Autistic Advocate: Autistic History: Rosemary Kessick

She is the brain behind Vaxxed. She gave Wakefield  the idea that the MMR vaccine is the cause of autism. She introduced quack diets for autistic people which lead to “Allergy Induced Autism” group.  She says it “improves them.” She is not as well known but just as dangerous.

She says she watched her son, William “deteriorate” from a bright and active toddler to a “destructive eight year old who cannot talk, play or feed himself and who lives in a frantic, rushed world of his own.” She needed something to blame so she blamed the MMR vaccine for him being neurodiverse. He did have infammatory bowel disorder. The IBS did make him suffer. That is the difference.

Source: Fierce Autistic Advocate: Autistic History: Rosemary Kessick

Activism International

Aspies For Freedom (AFF)

Aspies For Freedom From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aspies For Freedom (AFF) is a solidarity and campaigning group that aimed at raising public awareness of the autism rights movement. The aim of Aspies For Freedom is to educate the public that the autism spectrum is not always a disability, and that there are advantages as well as disadvantages.[1] For […]

Autism Inclusivity

Facebook Group: This is an autistic-led Facebook group for parents and carers of autistic children/teens/adults. We wish to support you and we accept that parents with loved one’s who have challenging behaviours, who bolt and have little to no communication feel ostracized by the autistic community. This group seeks to help support and educate […]

CLE Autistes & Crimson Âû

CLE-Autistes is the first Autistic-led self advocacy group in France for Autistic Human and Civil Rights. Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube Founded on September 29, 2018 MissionCollectif indépendant, militant, d’auto-défense des droits des personnes autistes luttant pour leur expression et leur acceptation About Collectif autonome d’autistes contre le neurocapacitisme, pour leur […]

The Aspergian | A Collective Of Autistic Voices

site | facebook | twitter | contact aspergian | We are a collective of neurodivergents cataloging the experience, insights, knowledge, talents, and creative pursuits of autistics.  We hope to build a repository of information about the lived exploits, inner lives, Work, soul, interests, and culture of the neurodiverse spirit.

By International Badass Activists

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