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I’m Autistic: Parody of @BillyMann ‘s Autism Speaks Video “I Am Autism” – YouTube | thautcast | Circa 2009


Parody of the video “I Am Autism.”

I’m autistic: I can speak

My voice is different, not weak

And if you listened you would know my mind’s the same

I’m grateful that you don’t ignore me

But you cannot speak for me

So let me on your board or change your name

Yes, I am odd

And that difference causes pain

That don’t make you God

And it don’t make you sane

I’m your equal in my humanity

I am smart I am sensitive

I’m autistic

I’m autistic, I am real I can think and I can feel

I’m a lover, I’m a husband, I’m a wife

So please don’t hire a muggle Who can’t understand my struggle

To make a horror movie from my life

I’m autistic, please endure me Even if you cannnot cure me,

Please don’t tell me that my life is yours to take

I’m autistic, please support me

It’s too late now to abort me

But there’s still time for the difference I can make

By Eve Reiland

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