I AM SOCKS – response to @BillyMann ‘s I AM AUTISM film – YouTube | Paul Wady | Circa 2009

Paul Wady     VERSION WITHOUT MUSIC IS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D75mha…  

Youtube won’t let me do Audioswop, sorry.  

The smaller version for all you smaller size folks.

If there is no cure, you may as well have made other films like I AM GAY, I AM FEMALE, I AM GINGER?  

The Nazi’s made short propaganda films for children? What you all planning next? – I AM CATHOLIC? I AM MUSLIM? I COME FROM LIVERPOOL ( I do)  

Every state of human being has a down side. You can make a short film like this listing the bad points about EVERY RELIGION, RACE, NATIONALITY, PHYSICAL AND MENTAL CONDITION, STATE OF BEING, you name it.  


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