#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: “I Am One Small Voice In A Rich And Diverse Community … ” Says Creator of “I Am Autism” commercial

Billy Mann: Courtney Eli-Suders thank you for your comment and the spirit in which you share it. That’s really all I can ask. Like many causes/missions/personal questions/and the lives we all ive etc, we are all a work in progress, hopefully deepening and improving.

Even if my view point never shifted, I would still support he right to the voices who disagree and encourage them to “double down.”

I am one small voice in a rich and diverse community – as diverse (and at times rigid) as some religions and beliefs can be.

What I can tell you is that — to be clear – I have been a small part of Autism Speaks’ evolution and I would ask that you go to their Facebook page and explore knowing a few things:

The board, the spirit, the structure and the message has significantly shifted over the past years since it began. That will no answer all of the views, but I suspect you many find it to be significantly more in line with you than you might think.

That doesn’t mean you agree or join or even support … I have no expectation of that. But for an organisation which started as part of a rolling up of NPOs including one called “Cure Autism NOW,” I think that our language and delivery reflects real progress.

And to use your “punishment fit the crime” suggestion, ideally the goal of any criminal justice system should be to rehabilitate those who have started from “the law” in order to rejoin society more enlightened. I don’t subscribe to your parallel but I do subscribe tot he ethos that — particularly around socially, emotionally charged issues — social change is rarely a turnkey process.

Like all of us wrapping our arms around where/how society can better embrace autism in all forms (individuals to policy to health to research and support depending on the individual and more), I can only hope bringing people together for good takes precedence over the search fro the “perfect” platform.

Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Au: Just another overlong spewing of ableist, A$ apologism. You do realise that your non-apology a full decade after you personally crafted the single most well-known example of anti-autistic fear mongering has been shared around the world to responses of disgust and contempt?

Nobody believes you. Nobody.

You are fooling nobody but yourself.

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