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Message to @BillyMann | What Can You Do To Make It Right? | Eve Reiland

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Eve Reiland | #AutisticAndProud

You know @billymann you are written in Autistic History as an oppressor and silencer. The only person who can make that different is you.

Please evolve and actually help ALL Autistics and help us lead the direction of our healthcare. What can you do to make it right?

7:57 PM · Sep 13, 2019·Twitter for iPad

Joel Soto What are 4 or 5positive things that a person can do to affect change? Seems like you’re always bagging on people but without giving good suggestions for improvement

Active NowAmanda Seigler Joel Soto she is always saying listen to autistic people. That’s it. It’s not hard

Joel Soto Amanda Seigler That’s a platitude I need some details

Active NowAmanda Seigler If we say we want to be called autistic and not with Autism, listen. We tell people that ABA is harmful bs autism Speaks pushes it. Things like that

Eve Reiland Take that 3.1 Billion Autism Cares Act Budget for Autistic Healthcare and hold the budget until Autistics are allowed at that table in a meaningful manner to make sure our health needs, support needs and so on are met — not just “cure” research and AB…See More2Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland 0% of it goes back into local communities to help local autistics.

Amy Russo Âû Joel Soto she’s been giving all kinds of details for ages now. You must be new here.

Amy Russo Âû Joel Soto also she’s never “bagged” on people. It’s called standing up for yourself and your people.

Eve Reiland my ‘bagging’ on people, has already alerted the folks who can do something about this politically. My ‘bagging’ has reached people who can help and who’ve already been in communications with folks on ‘the hill’or however they say it. It’s just begun.2Edit or delete this

Joel Soto Amy Russo Âû OK great give me an exampleDelete or hide this

Eve Reiland Here’s one … “bagged” on JB Handley and Jenny McCarthy until we “bagged” their organization via the exposure and then the press … oh yeah, “bagged” Generation Rescue and middle finger to their bleachcult. And Larry Cook. And um, bleachcult books on amazon and other social media. oh just the start here …Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland oh, not done ‘baggin’ them yet — more incoming soon. ;)Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland Kerri Rivera, bagged.Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland who else have we ‘bagged?’Edit or delete this

Eve ReilandEdit or delete thisGIPHY

Eve Reiland oh i know, judith newman, whitney ellenby, nikki osborne …Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland oh yeah, part of the team that helped bag wakefield in the UK … now he’s here … help bag institutions like Mendip House, … people like me baggin’ on these folks, we baggin’ ’em all right. civil and human rights are a thing.Edit or delete this

Amy Russo Âû oel Soto we’ve already given examples we’re not gonna hold your hand. Learn to read and stop wasting our timeDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler He earned my tag on my blog for autistic history and you better believe it will make my history book.1Delete or hide this

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