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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: Was anything done before now to “make it right?”

Whitney Lee Geertsen: I Agree it was a non apology. Still not getting what autism is and isn’t. Epilepsy is NOT Autism. IBS is NOT Autism. Curing Autism will not cure co-existing conditions only makes things worse for autistic people.

Courtney Eli-Suders: Sincere question: Is this the first public apology or has your piece made news again?

It is by no means a newly-produced work, and yet, we still witness the pain and fear it continues to leave in its wake.

Was anything done before now to “make it right?”

None of this is meant harshly or sarcastically; I’m legitimately asking here. Out of curiosity.

—> What about writing something new to represent Autism ore as the unique and remarkable spectrum that it is and speak more humanely of the fellow humans you spoke about in your original piece?

What about the love, beauty, and inspiration that is also included in our sometimes-painful journey that so many others speak of when referring to their children and loved ones with ASD?

You know the saying, “Let the punishment fit the crime”. I feel many (both on and off the Spectrum) would receive an apology more readily in actions rather than a social media post as, after all, an artist tends to speak and be hard more clearly, authentically in their own medium.

Actions speak loudly, rather than explaining why you did what you did years ago, I would be curious how it can be made right more tangibly.

Thank you for apologizing. Unfortunately your piece and that video advertisement are still …

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