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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: That is not only not an apology, it is aggressively attacking.

Maxfield Sparrow: That is not only not an apology, it is aggressively attacking. How dare you assume what others can and cannot understand?

How arrogant of you to say that only you understand the true nature of autism. How infantilizing of Autistic adults do you have to be to presume we don’t have the competence to understand that every Autistic person is unique?

And look how much *you* don’t understand when you assume we are only fighting for the rights and well-being of people identical to us!

In actuality, sir, that is what you have done an continue to do: wear blinders and refuse to understand he perspective of people who are not like you or your sons.

If that was supposed to be an apology, you’ve failed miserably. I can’t speak for any Autist but myself, but I do no accept that “non-apology” as anything but you assuaging your own guilt over taking a public action that you now realize has harmed your child. You still don’t care about anyone beyond the confines of the four walls of your home.

As I am one of those paradoxically dismiss as too articulate to understand, I’m sure my opinion doesn’t actually matter to you, but if you thought you were apologizing to those of us who were deeply offended by your writing and fought hard against it, you have missed the mark every bit as much now as you did when you penned that pornographic pack of lies called “I Am Autism.”

Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Au: am hugging you Max. Thank you for this.

Bryanne Smith: Maxfield Sparrow Yep.

By Eve Reiland

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