Advocates & Activists BS & The Quackery Divergent News

#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: If knowing you put the evil out that is “I Am Autism” keeps you up at night, good.

Theresa Green: If you was truly sorry for the absolutely awful “poem” you made, you would have said so without this evident pontificating.

I for one wont’ forgive you. If knowing you put the evil out that is “I Am Autism” keeps you up at night, good. Your suffering will NEVER amount to the suffering you have helped inflict on so many autistic children.

Mike VQ: How was this post buried until now? Anyway, you are not forgiven because this isn’t even an apology.

Your story is merely damage control. Autism Speaks has done so much to taint how society perceives us.

Yeah everyone has a rough life and realizes mistakes, but you are clearly still carrying the same paradigm as you did before your realizations: You’re speaking from your experience with autism rather than how an autistic person experiences it.

Your words … they say a lot, yet they mean as much as a broken record.

Brigid Ellen Roche Powell: Glad you got 2 AuTist children. However, Autism Speaks does NOT speak for me. I will speak for myself. When I can.

Thank you!

Laura Anderson: Wow this is definitely not an apology. At all. You’re still not listening to us an saying we can’t understand, when we understand just fine — we just happen to think that you are wrong and are continuing to oppress autistic people.

Forget this entire nonsense, I don’t accept what you have to say.

Ariana Ramos: One word answer: No.

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