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As Seen On Twitter | Protestor in Senate Gallery appears to have thrown red liquid substance on the floor.

Ben Adler@adlerben

A protester in the Senate gallery appears to have just thrown some red liquid substance onto the floor. It hit Sen. Hurtado and landed on some of the senators’ desks. The senators have left the floor.

Ben Adler@adlerben
·44mReplying to @adlerbenOther reporters heard a protester shout something about the blood of dead babies as the red liquid was thrown onto the Senate floor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something this inappropriate in my nearly 9 years covering the #caleg.71845

Ben Adler@adlerben·43mNow the Senate sergeants are clearing everyone off the floor. The gallery has been emptied too.1213

Ben Adler@adlerben·37mA CHP officer posted outside the pro Tem’s office says they are in the process of making an arrest. One female. They are taking a sample of the liquid to test it to see if it’s red food coloring or actual blood.1823Ben Adler@adlerben·3m

Sources are telling me the red liquid thrown onto the Senate floor and struck @Senator_Hurtado was menstrual blood.

Joining @CapRadioNews live now with latest.112Ben Adler@adlerben·2mCaught a glimpse as the door opened, and there is crime scene tape strung across the Senate floor.11

S@Plasticdoe·23mReplying to @adlerben and @LoopAriel@thereal_truther12TheReal Truther@thereal_truther·11mWhy am I not shocked?11S

@Plasticdoe·9mCrazy moms gonna crazy1KGO Assignment Desk@KGOdesk·13mReplying to @adlerbenDid you take this image or do you otherwise own all rights to it? Do you agree KGO-TV/ABC7 and its licensees may use, edit & distribute it without restriction in all media per these terms <>? If so reply YES & LET US KNOW HOW IT SHOULD BE CREDITED. THXSubmit news tips, photos, videosHave a possible news story in the San Francisco Bay Area? Submit your tips to KGO-TV/ABC7.abc7news.com1Ben Adler@adlerben·7mThe credit should be “Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio”1Maya Polon@MayaPolon·45mReplying to @adlerbenWoah1Ansel Lundberg@ansel_berg·34mReplying to @adlerbenWtf man1Farrah Ting@FarrahMin·44mReplying to @adlerbenOh my gosh!Mitchell Hanner@mitchkovr·13mReplying to @adlerbenHey Ben could we use your photo? and give you credit? This is Mitch with CBSShirley’s Galaxy of Cats @ShirleysGalaxy·9mReplying to @adlerbenThis is disturbing. If someone can bring a liquid into the gallery & toss it onto the floor then what is to stop someone from throwing something toxic or deadly?

By Eve Reiland

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