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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: Your words have literally killed children … feel the shame. You deserve it.

Sam Holmes: Also, non verbal doesn’t mean non communicative. I can easily communicate with my non verbal autistic friends, yet Im supposed to be the one who can’t properly communicate. If I can communicate with them, what’s your excuse?

Jennifer Metcalf Connell: After reading this, I really want the five minutes of energy and time back. Sorry, not sorry – yo clearly have so much to learn about autism. My hope is that someday you put your focus where it needs to be and see the light.

Crys Dawn: Your words have literally killed children … feel the shame. You deserve it. I feel sorry for Jasper. In a home with people who are actually autistic he might flourish instead he’s stuck with neurotpyical parents who are the real puzzle piece. Also your blue puzzle piece erases every woman like me. I cannot work. I cannot always speak. I can however write speeches and most time when I’ve written one I can stand up and read it.

At 6 I could read at high school level.

I didn’t’ learn to tie my shoes until I was 12.

At 13 I was int eh top 25th percentile of the national math competition in Canada.

At 19 I learned to put my hair in a ponytail.

Acting like the autistic adults you talk to haven’t been through similar experiences as your son is ridiculous and quite frankly ignorant. but here you are, ignorant and continuing to be by insisting we cannot fathom your son’s struggles.

Paul Wady: Members of the Autism charity I work for were present at this very event and came back to the office horrified at what he had come out with. It is as if the NT parents of autistic children who are severely disabled, exist in 24/7 living Hell and constant torture. They exhibit a desperate and paranoid sounding drive to make sure the term autism means cancer life brain rape, as much as they can while they can. The terms DISORDER and DISABILITY are sacred and holy to them. The very idea of a positive identity which tackles depression and co morbidities through developing a pride in what you are, is in some cases laughed at and verbally fought.

Paul Wady This crusade exhibits monotone and ‘one way’ thinking without any capacity to take in to account, that there are many different autism communities in the world. I represent one. Such a parent as this is a totally different thing altogether. It is stupid and absurd for either of us to project or define the other. Never the twain shall meet.

Paul Wady Over written explanations and so called ‘apologies’ like this merely hammer home his perspective. Which is not appropriate for many of us in different autistic communities. Now that’s a simple explanation. But what you have to watch out for is where people complicate things. It is a hallmark of much writing around ‘autism’ if we use the umbrella term in any sense you the reader will probably assume….that things can go into a great deal of detail. I think a bit too much. It’s not complicated that you get severely disabled children who run away, smear excretia and have regular meltdowns. Or who love to assault and destroy things and people. See? I just wrote that. But what I want to highlight is the sheer complexity of many of the accounts of ‘WHAT IS AUTISM’ which over the years, have not enriched my knowledge at all. Rather they have shown me just how much relevant waffle people can come out with.

Paul Wady So in conclusion, I would be very wary around people, be they autistic or not, who will go into lots of detail in their beliefs over relatively simple or straightforward things. It reads of smoke screening and trying to sell yourself as having erudition and insight. For my years of study continue to show me just how well some people can go on and on, and go into great detail, when really they are writing to have an effect rather than say anything objectively relevant.

By Eve Reiland

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