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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: This isn’t an apology, and this tells me so much of how little you know about autism and the autistic community ….

Saoirse Tilton: This isn’t an apology, and this tells me so much of how little you know about autism and the autistic community, and that you do’t follow nor know about nonspeaking autistics who are self advocates.

Ella Rehder: That’s an explanation not an apology. Learn something about validation and how to properly apologize to people.

Katherine Rush Last: Not even sure I’d call it an “explanation”, sounds more like an excuse to me.

Aaron Parsons: I have no idea what this diverse board is that he speaks of. No one does.

Tara Shearer: A sincere apology isn’t riddle with excuses, defenses, and additional ableism. Try again.

Bear Valentine: Tara Shearer sorry but who’s Billy Mann?

Theresa Green: Bear Valentine look for the “I AM autism” video by Autism Speaks on Youtube. He made that.

Drew Gehringer: If you’re really sorry, you’d stop supporting an organization that hates us.

Christine Fras: Apologies, real ones, are never complex or layered.

Apologies are admitting harm and what you’ve doe wrong, explaining how you’ll repair that if possible, and thenhow you wil avoid repeating it.

So 4 thumbs way down on this.

making white dudes type paragraphs

Saoirse Tilton: Image source

Katie Greenhalgh-Higham: Small nitpick, but we’re the ‘autistic’ community, not the ‘autism’ community. There’s a tangible difference.

Also, I don’t think you’re quite grasping the scope of the spectrum if you still believe that people who can have independent thoughts and can communicate (whether verbally, or by typing) are a “minority” of autistics.

There are many more of us than you’d think .

The only reason why diagnostic rates have exploded is because those of us who were overlooked a generation or more ago (because of said independent thoughts and ability to communicate them,) are now being diagnosed as children.

You didn’t hear about kids “like Jasper” when you were growing up, because nearly all of them were quietly institutionalized by their families.

And if everyone *really* thinks about it, just about everyone can remember kids “like Felix” growing up.

Autistic have always been there. They just called them something different.

Graham Hanks Au: Katie Greenhalgh-Higham that was my thought too, he describes us as a tiny minority, yet I’d be willing to bet that we are actually eh majority of the autistic population.

Susan Weant Gould: Katie Greenhalgh-Higham amen amen AMEN, sister!!!!

Asher Llyr: This. I found out in my 20s that I’m autistic. I was overlooked as a child because I could express myself. I was very obviously autistic, but I was “like Felix.”

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