#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BillyMann: I’m afraid your “apology” just doesn’t cut it.

Keisha Guzik: I’m not sure what has happened recently to bring this post to my attention seven months after you’ve written it, but I’ve bookmarked it only for the incredibly insightful replied you have received from the autistic community. I hope you read everyone of them and truly listen. I’m afraid your “apology” just doesn’t cut it.

Cal Montgomery: Your “apology” is not “complex and layered.”

It’s a self-justification wrapped up in falsities and the assertion that we aren’t even capable of understanding it.

Alice Sophia Gardner: You know that Jasper hears you right? Not just Felix? Some of us can’t communicate the way you understand best and some of us have complex support needs. BUT WE HEAR YOU. I’ve heard everything said bout me by the neurotpyicals in my life.

No thief stole your child, this is your child. He uses storyboard aids and self harms. Did you change his environment or just try to change him?

We are autistic. And we hear you. Please watch what you say.

Asher Llyr: Alice Sophia Gardner this. People seriously believe that non-speaking autistics can’t understand.

They do in fact understand what you’re saying. My nonverbal son understands pretty well everything i say to him. i go nonverbal sometimes and i can still understand language. Assuming that non-speaking autistics can’t understand is ignorant as hell.

Charli Barraza: Any pretense of an apology to Autistic people goes out the window using functioning labels.

You have no idea what it’s like to be Autistic or why we take issue with so much of your behavior, and you’re still determined to treat us as blips on a linear, black, white and grey spectrum of “too hard to deal with ” to “not that Autistic” based on your own BS perception.

Jenni Sutinen: Charli this!!!

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