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#BILLYMANNRECEIPTS | @BILLYMANN: “I Am Autism” had the impact YOU hoped for? Wow. Just. Wow.

Vanessa Crooke: I really hope you aren’t subjecting your children to the abuse of ABA that is pushed by AS.

Letto Abraxas: “I Am Autism” had the impact YOU hoped for?

Wow. Just. Wow.

Your opinion, your apology.

Do not expect we #ActuallyAutistic are OK with it only because you are also Autistic, though.

Halidora Johanna Hafsteinsdottir Âû: Please make sure you fall off your high horse. From our perspective we can only see your butt and it’s not a pretty sight.

Cynthia H: Halidora Johanna Hafsteinsdottir Âû: It must be a really strong horse to carry an ego as big as his. 😐

Nick Seigler: Wow read that whole thing and it clearly is not an apology more of a defense why he was right. I’m sorry but he still doesn’t get it.

Marie Daniels: This is really a pathetic “apology”.

Try advocating for a robust social services system, including healthcare and education, that relives a great deal of the burden parents must feel. But there’s no ‘cure’. And there’s nothing wrong with us.

Delphine Drory: I would like to thank all the advocates and allies on this thread who articulated and verbalized what I am thinking, but am unable to verbalize myself.

My autism is neither severe nor mild … its just autism. I am what is considered “gifted” and did better than my peers in school without studying … ever, and yet: I cannot fully verbalize my feelings.

I spoke earlier than everyone else and made complete sentence when other babies were jsut starting with words, and yet: I barely spoke as a child, I barely spoke as a teenager, I barely spoke as an adult.

Now at 38 years old, I only speak to my children, and speaking to anyone else is a memorable event in any given week.

Oh yes, I’m totally unable to function independently and yet : I functioned enough to get three daughters, and to birth home alone (planned) without midwife!

Independence is overrated, n most parts of the world humans live perfectly happy in interdependence.

My children smear … playdoh on walls and ceilings, then we laugh and take pics. And the youngest is 9 …

A 100% autistic household is a house of happy freaks.

By Eve Reiland

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