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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | Billy Mann’s #SorryNotSorry To The Autistic Community | Eve Reiland

Aryastar Âû Macklin · 43:27 Ok. I’ve HAD it with the feces smearing! I know so very many people who have NT kids who smeared feces. IT’S A KID THING NOT AN AUTISTIC THING!Delete or hide this

Naomi Britton · for fiddlesake… why do Autism Speaks still exist???Delete or hide this

Chris Breedt · 1:10:17 I refuse to accept your apology.Delete or hide this

Chris Breedt · 1:10:02 No. I will not.Delete or hide this

Chris Breedt · 1:08:06 We should set the religious anti abortion right on these guys… It would keep them busy and out of our hair … (Kidding. Too dangerous…)Delete or hide this

Chris Breedt · 42:27 This new way of pointing out differentiation, aka autistic community /autism community is a great rhetorical device.

Gonna do a lot to seperate out the comments so it is pretty obvious who is actually speaking : Autistic people or those appropriating our voice.Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 0:00 Screenshot and shared1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · I’m wired. Working on this in a minute. Ready for my dissection?Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:42:56 I totally feel like I am chillin with you all irl. Good vibesDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:42:49 I’m going to crop these and type a transcript. Even as a transcriber, this might take me a while.1Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:42:09 Rock on Bill 🎸👍🏻1Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:42:08 *Stim dancing*Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:41:50 I had seen it ” the shit apology ” on another group earlier. Couldn’t find it though.Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:41:50❤️❤️❤️Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:41:10 Woo! Nick said perfect songDelete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:40:33 Shared both💛Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:40:25 *holds lighter*3Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:39:48 Yay 🎸🎶Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:39:46 Eve Reiland posted screenshots on her personal page.Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:39:35 On her wallDelete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:39:28 Screenshot? I looked everywhereDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:39:07 Boom!!Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:38:00 Yes!! You’re the MVP!!Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:38:01 I can believe itDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:37:54 Perfect.Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:37:45 Sharing these. I can’t believe he silenced us.1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:37:34 Yes you rock!!Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:37:24 Yay wtg Eve 🤘🏻Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:37:21❤️❤️Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:37:15 THANK YOUDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:37:10 YESDelete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:36:29 Got the screenshot?Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:36:41 But do you still have the apology?Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:36:43 Screen shot the post!!Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:36:35 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:36:37 No he deleted it!!Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:36:15 NooooooDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:34:51 I need that screen shot1Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:34:20 Love that songDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:33:58 Screen shot it please!!!1Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:33:25 Do not refreshDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:33:29 Screenshot everything do not refresh1Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:33:07 ScreenshotDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:33:19 The whole post!!2Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:32:47 ScreenshotDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:33:07 Screen shot it!!!Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:33:03 I hope she’s reading these commentsDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:32:47 For everything holy do not refresh!2Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:32:25 It’s gone DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE1Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:32:14 Screenshot Bill! Take a screenshot of the apology2Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:32:02 Screenshot everything before it’s deleted!!!Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:32:05 Eve Reiland screen shot it, it’s gone!1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:31:49 I can’t open itDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:31:42 Wait, I can’t see the post anymore???Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:31:39 Send it to me pretty pleaseDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:31:27 If anyone has it open copy and paste it so i can tear it apart1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:30:01 Copy and paste that “apology” bc it got deletedDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:09:08 Really?! HaDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:09:30 Screenshot it!Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:29:19 Where you reading this from?Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:30:00 Billy Mann apology,..Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:30:36 For the shit video and poem they did😶Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:30:27 Link me to these responses pleaseDelete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:28:08 MeDelete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:27:30 We do thoughDelete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:26:52 ThisDelete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:23:51 Booya1Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:22:40🙌🏼1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:22:28 Well done!2Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:22:12 Yay shoutout to Lindsay! ❤️3Delete or hide this

Brandy Phillips · 1:20:24 The whole ” apology” he basically just talked shit.. If it wasn’t about ” awesome” him.. Memememe, ….it was demonizing anyone who actually care for autistic’s and #actuallyautistic‘s alike.. It wasn’t an apology at all..2Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:20:40 Dayum! Bam, take that Mann 😆Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:16:55 🙄🙄 the apology wasn’t an apology4Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 55:59 Not at all, and it was way too f-ing long1Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 0:00 Christina Grandoni-Barlow agreed!!!Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:15:38 Billy Mann has limited potential due to his ableism. We must find a cure for his arrogance.3Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:15:05🤣🤣🤣Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:14:59 What? Are they selling autism?2Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:14:47 Love it!Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:13:21 I will show him useless 🏹2Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:10:18 Why can he not call us the autistic community? Its confusingDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 22:25 Because they will avoid identity first language at all costs, even though that’s the language we prefer.Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 51:17 Seems like a passive aggressive f you to me 😒Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:12:44 Useless?! Wants to use us2Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:12:59 Hi!Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:12:47 Hey Lindsay!Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:12:23 Hey guys2Delete or hide this

Lindsay Mohler · 1:12:19 I’m so done with stupid todayDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:10:48 The advocate community sounds like a community of advocates, not autisticsDelete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 1:10:35 An apology with no “I’m sorry, I will do better,” is not an apology.2Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:10:04 Narc fake apology! My narc mom did a better jobDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:09:10 No apology1Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:08:24 Discredits the whole thing I mean 🤷‍♀️2

Cassie Crosman · 1:08:12 Yes he is, which shows he was never sorry!

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:07:22 He does not get to use fierce!!!Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:07:13 Bro flakeDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:06:51 Wah wah wahDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:06:11 YES. FuckersDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:06:07 Fucking t4Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:05:51 They will be perfectDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:04:39 Will be tearing this apart today or tomorrow1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:04:17 The horror 😱Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:03:57 Shut the fuck up Billy Mann. Shut 100% the fuck up. Take a back seat bitchDelete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:02:37 My brain is not a “Disorder”Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:02:06 I’m level dungeon master1Delete or hide this

Nick Seigler · 1:01:57 Amanda Seigler I forgot the wandering quota todayDelete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 1:01:36 Avonte’s law has to do with wandering/elopingDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 57:48 But neeewww AbA IsNt LiKe ThAt2Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 1:01:16 Ha. #YesAllABA (is abuse!)1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 1:01:13 That’s why I’m always driving 🤣Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:00:42 A cure for seizures duhDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 1:00:26 Right.Delete or hide this

Nick Seigler · 1:00:07 Remember he wasn’t going to touch the topicDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 59:44 I thought he was t arguing it?Delete or hide this

Nick Seigler · 59:03 Thank youDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 58:26 But are there autistic girls though?1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 58:24 They can kiss my autistic jewish assDelete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 58:12 “My AbA iS nOtHiNg LiKe ThAt”1Delete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 57:05 “BuT AuTiSm SpEaKs HaS cHaNgEd”5Delete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 57:17 Nope!1Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 57:30 TacaDelete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 56:59 NopeDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 56:54 Fucking puzzle pieceDelete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 56:38 He really didn’tDelete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 56:42 Anyone call Hitler from the dead?Delete or hide this

Nick Seigler · 56:35 See he didn’t learn anything1Delete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 56:19 How is Angela Geiger btw? I mean she’s probably terrible but she doesn’t seem to be as demonic as Suzanne Wright. That’s a looooowwww bar though.Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 56:18🦗Delete or hide this

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 55:54 Aut10 is still happening!

Ira Eidle · 54:35 I love how the “I Am Autism” commercial is what he considers poetry…2Delete or hide this

Cassie Crosman · 6:26 The most ableist “poem” I’ve ever heard.

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 54:48 You haven’t read them 🤣

Robert Gehrman Âû · 54:23 Decades of abuse by A$

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 54:33 Lotsa freaking lines to read between

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 53:52 Moo crap

Nick Seigler · 53:39 It went from a small shit to a big shitDelete or hide this

Robert Gehrman Âû · 53:13 Light bulb is up his butt

Ira Eidle · 51:43 So how did this become relevant? He wrote it in February. Did we not know about it unitl now?

Cassie Crosman · 3:40 Someone shared it and got everyone else’s attention. I didn’t even see it until today. Now I know who wrote that horrible “poem.”Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 31:46 Cassie Crosman same

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 53:09 Same

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 52:32 Seagulls!

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 52:23 Again he can’t call us the autistic community,just the ‘self-advocate’ community!

Ira Eidle · 51:45 until

Ira Eidle · 51:16 His “””apology”” was at the beginning of this post

Nick Seigler · 50:59 By the way no apology yet

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 50:49 Wtf does trust even mean?

Cassie Crosman · 49:21 Shoutout to Fierce Autie and Autistic Avenger as well! ❤️4

Robert Gehrman Âû · 50:26 In The Loop About Neurodiversity rocks 🎸

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 49:53 Not snowflake, broflake!

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 49:49 Lol worst analogy

Nick Seigler · 49:34 Holy shit he can talk what a miracle1

Ira Eidle · 47:50 Ayyye Cassie is here! Love your page.

Cassie Crosman · 0:00 Thank you! Means a lot! ❤️❤️

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 47:54 I will sign him into a paper bag and set it on fire1

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 47:33 Wocka wocka mofo

Ira Eidle · 47:06 This guy is a 🤡🤡🤡2

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 47:15 Low carb autism lite!3

Amanda Seigler · 46:57 Does it have carbs?2

Amanda Seigler · 46:51 Diet autism ?

Robert Gehrman Âû · 46:31 Lmao Autism Light™ “Tastes Great Less Filing”

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 46:44 Yikes. Way to respect you son’s privacy

Ira Eidle · 46:32 “Autism lite” 🤡

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 46:39 He speaks for his damned self!

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 46:20 The horror 😱

Ira Eidle · 45:31 Also remember this is A$, which almost exclusively uses PFL1Delete or hide this

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 44:53 Yea whats with that? He’s got some issue with calling people autistic2

Cypress Cordelia Soleil Âû · 45:24 Sick, I gotta go to bed.

Ira Eidle · 45:15 Probably because he’s been taught that it’s a slur

Amanda Seigler · 44:50 Let’s take the dog away from him

Ira Eidle · 44:25 I looked up scatonia yesterday and yeah smearing fecesis likely due to understimulation and can be accommodated with sensory integration (such as using shaving cream instead). Martyr parents probably don’t think to even do that because they’re told they have to put their kids through ABA to train it out of them.

Nick Seigler · 44:28 Ok so who went to his house and beat up his dog

Amanda Seigler · 44:09 Hmmm

Amanda Seigler · 43:30 Will leave the bow at home 🏹1

Amanda Seigler · 42:15 Autism one just wait3

Robert Gehrman Âû · 42:51 Gonna rock the bullshit out of them 🎸1

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 43:03 Give them play doh 🙄

Nick Seigler · 42:05 Just wait there is more stupidity coming

Ira Eidle · 41:15 Oof Simon Baron-Cohnen

Cassie Crosman · 40:45 “Little” video

Ira Eidle · 40:14 It feels like a dogwhistle to the martyr parents/bleach cult/ABAers.1Delete or hide this

Ira Eidle · 39:34 To me the “autism community” is parents, researchers, therapists, “autism professionals” and autistic people…but of course autistic people last. The autistic community is us and only us.2

Robert Gehrman Âû · 39:12 Bob and Suzanne Wrong

Amanda Seigler · 39:25 So stimmy!!!

Amanda Seigler · 39:12 Unicorn!!

Robert Gehrman Âû · 38:37 Use the force Luke

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 38:23 That poor train

Ira Eidle · 38:11 I love how he used the term “autism community.” When people refer to the “autism community,” theyre not talking about the autistic community-at least not just them.

Nick Seigler · 38:08 He should make a note don’t write a poem on a train1

Amanda Seigler · 37:55 I met dr oz. so what?

Amanda Seigler · 36:46 All i hear is the teacher from peanuts2

Nick Seigler · 35:49 Credentials to ignorance1

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 35:39 I have a BAS in veterinary technology. Has nothing to do with this like being a song writer has nothing to do with being ableist1

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 35:24 Hi doggo!

Nick Seigler ·  34:52 See he starts to give us his credentials soon

Cassie Crosman · 34:41 Patting himself on the back again. 🙄

Amanda Seigler · 34:51 We are waiting

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 34:31 He want a certificate?

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 33:29 Really?! 🙄

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 32:45 You see why our marriage works 🤣

Cassie Crosman · 32:16 Where is he getting this info about the marriages falling apart?

Nick Seigler · 32:18 I’d like to know where he got his stats from dumbass U?

Amanda Seigler · 31:52 Nick Seigler is our family torn apart?

Amanda Seigler · 31:40 Same damned narrative

Amanda Seigler · 31:25 Ask him if he gives his son mms 🙄

Amanda Seigler · 31:09 This will be torn apart too.1

Cassie Crosman · 30:42 The apology is almost as bad as the actual PSA!

Amanda Seigler · 30:53 Not me. I’m jealous

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 30:30 Yea this is mildly headache inducing.. you guys make it much more tolerable

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 30:17 I have 3 autistic kids

Robert Gehrman Âû · 29:49 Poor health because of autism speaks’ shenanigans

Cassie Crosman · 29:37 He still has these views. He hasn’t changed at all. He doesn’t care about autistic people, otherwise he would have resigned from Autism Speaks’ board.

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 28:30 Where are the facts? I would love to see them

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 26:46 I hydroplane in a car

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 5:43 Yea I think most of us do 😅

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 27:08🙄

Cassie Crosman · 26:33 Cure and treatment and eugenics research, oh my!

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 26:33 That ABA causes ptsd?

Robert Gehrman Âû · 26:07 Auti$m $peaks is evil as F1

Cassie Crosman · 26:13 The 100 Day Kit tells parents to grieve over their autistic children.1

Nick Seigler · 26:06 Ha

Cassie Crosman · 25:45 After the first six months of an autistic child’s diagnosis, the 100 Day Kit costs money.

Amanda Seigler · 25:28 I will find it and i need to tear it apart

Cassie Crosman · 25:14 You do.

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 25:08 Nick Seigler is our marriage in danger? We are both autistic2

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 25:07😬

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 24:35 🙋‍♀️i have 6 kids so yeah

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 23:56 A crawling baby? Shouldnt you probably always keep an eye on a crawling baby regardless of diagnosis or lack thereof?

Amanda Seigler · 22:36 Is he a criminal?

Nick Seigler · 21:58 Counter his own words later in

Cassie Crosman · 21:19 Don’t worry, no apology yet.

Nick Seigler · 21:22 FYI he will c

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 21:21 As if the earlier part was digestable..1

Amanda Seigler · 21:03 Ready, sarge!

Amanda Seigler · 20:52 I’m disordered?

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 20:47😅

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 

20:43 Maybe he means autistic?

Amanda Seigler · 19:58 How do you love someone holy? Like Jesus ? (I’m jewish saying this)

Cassie Crosman · 19:29 Nooo not the echolalia 🙄1

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 19:22 Not the echolalia1

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 19:20 😆 that face

Cassie Crosman · 18:30 And neither lead was #ActuallyAutistic.

Amanda Seigler · 18:36 “Not like my child” 🙄1

Cassie Crosman · 18:11 Both horrible representations of autism.

Cassie Crosman · 17:58 Both horrible shows.

Amanda Seigler · 17:22 His autism? Where did he leave it?1

Cassie Crosman · 17:03 Oh yay functioning labels. 😒

Nick Seigler · 16:56 I read the whole thing it’s long as hell

 ·Amanda Seigler · 16:50 My bat mitzvah speech at 14 was more eloquent

Cassie Crosman · 16:35 No apology yet or anywhere.

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 16:33 None yet 🤣

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 16:30 Not the reader! Lol

Christina Grandoni-Barlow · 16:14 Yea this guy is the worst.

Cassie Crosman · 13:16 Booo Simon Baron Cohen.

Cassie Crosman · 12:44 It was the weakest and longest non-apology. If he truly regretted his words, he would resign from A$ and stop wearing the puzzle piece.

Nick Seigler · 12:21 I call Bull on his response

Nick Seigler · 11:14 No there was no apology

Amanda Seigler · 6:22 Nick Seigler couldn’t finish watching

Amanda Seigler · 7:42 I have but he didn’t. Recently discovered his autisticness

Amanda Seigler · 7:24🔥

Eve Reiland · 2:18…/posts/2091768937569209…

Cypress Cordelia Soleil Âû · 0:26 Hi!

Active NowAmanda Seigler · 0:31 Hello!

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