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Don’t tell Autistic people we’re over-reacting to @AutismSpeaks | Eve Reiland

When Autistics tell people about Autism Speaks … yeah, we get a lot of backlash.

Don’t tell Autistic people we’re over-reacting … not with @AutismSpeaks. Don’t tell us that our ‘opinions’ are harsh.

Guess what, this isn’t about opposing ‘opinions.’ This is about civil and human rights of a minority population: Autistic people.

Still don’t know why your “opinion” doesn’t count and needs an instant redirect?

Here, let me put it this way … do you support racism in your Facebook and other groups the same way? Do you say, hey your opinion on racist organizations are too ‘opinionated‘ and hurt other parents’ feelings.


Then shut this bullshit down when it comes to sharing your ‘opinion’ on Autism Speaks as an outsider. You weren’t harmed by their agenda. Autistics are the ones who suffer them.

It’s AUTISTIC people’s civil and human rights this hate group has harmed. It’s Autistics who’ve died under their reign in larger and larger numbers by suicide.

Don’ tell us to mute or minimize. Don’t say our ‘opinions’ are harsh. They’re not opinions — they’re expressions of OPPRESSION.

So stop oppressing. Your “opinion” is rejected for what it is …

It’s our Autistic lives, our Autistic bodies and our human rights. not yours, that are harmed by these “opinions.” Except these aren’t actually battling ‘opinions.’

You can re-label your ‘opinions’ to bigotry, ableism and oppression. Remember that next time you think we’re fighting just ‘opinions’ here.

Sorry you experienced this Amanda Seigler

It’s such a violation that this shit is everywhere and it can’t be escaped. Get it the hell away from my Autistic kids.

They are worthy of far better than this.


Eve Reiland

By Eve Reiland

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