#endautismnow BS & The Quackery j.b. handley jenny mccarthy

Remember the #ENDAutismNow Campaign by J.B. Handley and Jenny McCarthy? Here are all the companies affiliated with them. | Just a start.

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J.B. Handley, Jr.

J.B. Handley Co-founded and co-managed Swander Pace Capital, a private equity firm focused on consumer-oriented companies, until retiring in early 2014. He served as Chairman of Renew Life, International Fiber Corp, Fleischmann’s Vinegar Co., and totes>>ISOTONER, to name a few. Played a role in more than two-dozen investments in private consumer companies including Applegate Farms, American Hard Cider Co., Central Coast Surfboards, and Reef Holdings.

Today, J.B. continues to make private investments through Handley Capital Management (recent: Reyn Spooner and Wildfang Co.) and serve on the boards of Great Ajax Corp (NASDAQ: AJX), Wildfang Co., and Vigor Industrial.

Swander Pace Portfolio



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