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As Seen On Facebook | CD is Chlorine Dioxide bleach marketed as MMS. | Emma Dalmayne


I’ll just leave this here, CD is Chlorine Dioxide bleach marketed as MMS.

You see, the effects of campaigning as myself and @Fiona O’Leary do, do not stop.

I reported this mother abusing her son with MMS and GcMAF in 2015, here she is 2 hrs ago commenting about me.

For those that don’t know, GcMAF is a banned blood product.


Parents buying bleach ‘cure’ for autism

Neil Johnston

December 21 2015, 12:01am, The Times

Emma Dalmayne who infiltrated an online group and has met people using MMS, said that more regulation is needed

A second police force received a complaint about a parent giving their child bleach to “cure” autism as it emerged that two meetings promoting the method had been stopped by trading standards.

Officers from Kent police visited the mother of a 15-year-old boy in Dover following a report that she had given her son “Miracle Mineral Solution”, or MMS, a solution of sodium chlorite “activated” with hydrochloric acid.

Although the police disposed of bottles and samples, no further action is being taken as it is not illegal to be in possession of the substances and police did not have evidence that the products had been used.

Last month it emerged that Thames Valley police had received the first complaint of suspected MMS use by a…

By Eve Reiland

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