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Parents FFS – Stop silencing, speaking over, dismissing, ridiculing, mocking Autistic adults in autism-related FB groups. | Danijela Turner

Another public announcement proudly brought to you by the Hopping Hippy Autistic from Oz (fittingly titled after I was called a ‘hippy’ in one parent group and told I was bringing in my hippy ideas from Australia).

Parents FFS – Stop silencing, speaking over, dismissing, ridiculing, mocking Autistic adults in autism-related FB groups.

Comparing your Autistic child to Autistic adults as some sort of measure in terms of who is more or less Autistic, whose autism diagnosis is more valid, who has it ‘harder’ is utterly ridiculous. Autistic adults matured and developed though childhood often with many years, if not decades of ‘masking’, to be who they are today. Your child is still developing and maturing through their childhood. Besides the fact, that we are actually different people. 

An autism diagnosis is an autism diagnosis, period. It is not your place to be questioning, invalidating, minimising, dismissing the autism diagnosis of others of whom you know F’all about other than that what they have shared with you online which really is F’all when one considers the many years, decades of varied life experiences Autistic adults have experienced. 

Furthermore, if you think your Autistic child along with Autistic adults is diseased or ill purely on the basis that they are Autistic, then that perception is coming completely from your own damn ignorance and arrogance and not from evidenced, scientific research which clearly confirms that autism is a neurological difference. 

If you harbour resentment and spite towards confident, outspoken Autistic adults embracing their neurodiversity whilst refusing to enable you to continue wallowing in your misery about your own child and accompanying ‘woo’ talk, that’s your issue and not ours.

You are the parent of an Autistic child YET ironically you do not demonstrate respect towards Autistic adults. Your child will be that Autistic adult one day. You symbolise a red flag to the Autistic community. Consider what your child may recall of your misery woo talk and behaviours once they become Autistic adults. 

Signing my furry, hopping arse away now 🦘.

Danijela Turner

By Eve Reiland

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