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#BleachCult | Shut down the TACA West Coast Conference | Petition By Eve Reiland

My Name is Eve Reiland and I’m an Autistic mom to Autistic kids, and there is a serious problem in the United States.

Parents are administering toxic products like industrial bleach, turpentine, and other therapies like chelation to “cure” their Autistic children from “vaccination harm.”

The FDA has recently warned that a popular biomedical “treatment” for autism, Miracle Mineral Solution, is in fact industrial strength bleach.


FDA warns consumers about the dangerous and potentially life threatening side effects of Miracle Mineral Solution 



The harm caused by these products has been recognized by many social media outlets, Amazon and other platforms. Many sites have removed books and products from their stores. 

However, this hasn’t stopped Autism organizations like TACA (and AutismOne) from hosting national conferences to teach the next generation of vulnerable parents how to administer these “toxic cures.” 

We Need Your Help!

This fight to end pseudoscience abuse is worldwide.

But … did you know, The “Miracle Mineral Solution” creator, Jim Humble, originated from California? California ise known worldwide as the home of this type of abuse and quackery.

It’s time to put a stop to the misinformation, lies and abuse. 

California, it’s time to stop the abuse. It started here. Let’s end it here.

Autistic and vulnerable people deserve better than this abuse for their healthcare. 

Please join us in this fight.


Eve Reiland

TACA West Coast Conference: Shut it down!

Sign the petition and help us get this conference shut down.

Please join my colleagues Amanda Seigler, Robert Gehrman, Melissa Eaton, Emma Dalmayne (UK) and myself in protesting TACA West Coast Conference online and in person.

(More details coming soon.)

#EndMMSAbuse #StopAutisticAbuse  #ShutTACADown


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