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As Seen On Facebook | Time To Recognize: Abusers Love Their Children Too | Eve Reiland

ABA apologists, Hate to break it to you all – Abusers love their children too. They don’t recognize or state: I am an abuser.

That’s the child’s experience. (or the abused persons)

The Abuser does it … for many reasons … often for the ‘good of the child.’

It’s a soul-wrenching realization when reality hits on this. You can’t change the past, you can only do better going forward.

So so many were taught this is helping and they were given a certificate to abuse in the name of ‘care and love.’

Your feelings on this aren’t important here.

ABA survivors … that’s the voice you need to hear and actually listen to. To evolve from and do better.

We’ve all been duped by The Big Blue and their information monopoly at some point.

Unfortunately, some folks sunk in time, money and got a degree due to their bs. I’m sorry if you don’t understand and think you’re helping , but you’re not.

I’m not going to scream abuser at you, because I don’t want to destroy folks, I want them to evolve.

I want you to take that love for autistic kids and listen …

listen some more.

listen again.

and evolve.

that’s all any of us can do.

If you refuse, and if you fight about it, if you force ABA on others after being educated by the victims, you’re now an informed abuser.

That’s on your soul.

Autistic activists, myself included, we’re going to fight the effects of harm in the name of ‘therapy’ on Autistic people.


And remember, Abusers love their children too.


Eve Reiland

By Eve Reiland

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