As Seen On Facebook | Amy Schumer Explains To Trolls How she’ll “Cope” if her son is Autistic | The Gottman Institute 

Oh fuck, I feel sorry for this woman and her family in the public spotlight being trashed for you know *cough* autistic acceptance *cough* anything.

Not sure if she knew the hell coming for hinting at loving and accepting her child, autistic or not-autistic.

Comments are a hodgepodge backlash from Autistics are tragic to raise (usual Martyrs bs) …

We got Snake Oil promoters, Woowoo, pseudoscience, abuse tactics and more in response to this article on Facebook.

Pretty much sums it up.

For what it’s worth 😉 …

Welcome to the Autistic Community experience, Amy Schumer.

Image result for brass balls

Much love to you and yours. And a pair of brass ones for the bullshit.

(Though I’m suspecting you got your own pair already ;))


Eve Reiland


Sylvia Wynans The difficulty of carrying for someone with ASD depends on the severity, doesn’t it?

Many parents managed to heal or at least lessen the severity of their children’s symptoms by different biomedical treatments, diet protocols and nutritional supplements.

This group shares many stories and videos of recovery by parents.

<– Bleacher Hunters see you!

Cassie Mayer Fuck you. Get the fuck out of here with this garbage. People like you are dangerous. 😡9Hide or report this

Sylvia Wynans Cassie Mayer How have I offended you? Parents healing their children’s disabilities offend you? or report thisYOUTUBE.COMHealing Without Hurting: A Story of Treating Autism Naturally &…Healing Without Hurting: A Story of Treating Autism Naturally & Taking Control of Your Health

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMWe did the GAPS Diet for Autism (Our Success Story- Before and…We did the GAPS Diet for Autism (Our Success Story- Before and After)

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMOscar Recovering from Autism through The Son-Rise ProgramOscar Recovering from Autism through The Son-Rise Program

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMPediatrician Recovers Son from Autism Using The Son-Rise…Pediatrician Recovers Son from Autism Using The Son-Rise Program®

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMJoshua Before After cbd oil for AutismJoshua Before After cbd oil for Autism

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMAutism Yesterday – Part 1 of 3 (total: 27 minutes)Autism Yesterday – Part 1 of 3 (total: 27 minutes)

Sylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMAutism Recovery Story on SunriseAutism Recovery Story on Sunrise

Anna McBetter Sylvia Wynans because there is only one scientifically sound approach to education for children with ASD. It’s ABA therapy that integrates occupational therapy and speech therapy where needed. People with ASD don’t need a cure. They need appropriate scientifically proven methods of education.

Like · Reply · 20hSylvia Wynans or report thisYOUTUBE.COMHer search for a cure ended at NeuroGen Brain and Spine InstituteHer search for a cure ended at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute

Like · Reply · 20hFollowerCassie Mayer You’re not special. Youre just a dumb, science-denying, pro-disease piece of trash. Go elsewhere, to one of your nutcase mommy groups, with this garbage.

Meredith Vaughn Anna McBetter…/is-aba-really-dog…/amp/Hide or report thisTHEASPERGIAN.COMIs ABA Really “Dog Training for Children”? A Professional Dog…Is ABA Really “Dog Training for Children”?  A Professional Dog Trainer Weighs In. | The Aspergian | A Neurodivergent Collective

Anna McBetter Meredith Vaughn articles like this are really unfortunately misinformed. ABA therapists care deeply about the wellbeing of the children. There are many programs written for mindfulness and emotion recognition and coping skills to help kids reduce unhelpful behaviours like self injury and increased desired behaviour like being able to state “I feel frustrated”. Yes it’s all about changing behaviour and that change always must have the child’s wellbeing in mind given the governing boards code of ethics.Hide or report this

Eve Reiland Anna McBetter ABA is evidence-based to cause PTSD in 90% of Autistics. Lifetime sentence.Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland Sylvia Wynans this is bullshit. We autistics fought these assholes years ago and where are they now? DONT DO THIS PLEASE. This is quackery, lifes, gimmics, toxins and worse to harm you rautistic kid. Please don’t harm you rkids.1Edit or delete this

Eve Reiland I’m a severely disabled Autistic mom to Autistic and non-Autistic kids … of all abilities and disabilities. Really, do you want to talk about level of care and when it’s time to bleach a person or not? Fuck off with this shit. This is ABUSE and the FDA is on your asses for it. #bleachcult can get the hell out of my autistic healthcare. INDUSTRIAL BLEACH … NO. 

And sorry, if cbd or cannabis treated autism — i’d be neurotypical 100x over by now. stop the bullshit. Stop piggybacking the work of real cannabis activists, twunts.

As for parenting, it’s a hard job no matter what. If you’re not ready for it, and all the challenges and joys it might bring you, go adopt a pet rock. Vaccinations not required. If you think your life is a tragedy because you have an autistic kid … fuck off again. 

If you think my life is tragic because i’m Autistic, and live with severe disabilities … fuck right off. 

My family, my kids, my own personhood are worthy of far better than your pseudoscience quack attacks. 

I”m not saying anything in this world is easy – parenting definitely not. But if you can’t accept the child born to you and love them unconditionally, then do them a favor =- don’t do it. You’re not ready.

Amanda Seigler Emma Dalmayne4Edit or delete this

 Sylvia Wynans you offend the fuck out of me. so yeah, disabled and offended bitch

Amanda Seigler…/aba-and-gay-conversion…Hide or report thisFIERCEAUTIE.COMABA and Gay Conversion Therapy ComparedABA and Gay Conversion Therapy Compared

Emma Dalmayne Report her comments and links as spam.

Eve Reiland Sylvia Wynans abuse diet

Eve Reiland Sylvia Wynans abuse abuse abuse

Sarah-Jayne Howard Sylvia Wynans You can’t heal autism. You can only force people on the spectrum to be “behave normally” which is abuse. Plain and simple.

Like · Reply · 8hSylvia Wynans Sarah-Jayne Howard yet I have friends who healed their children. 
What does that make your statement?

Sylvia Wynans Eve Reiland Eve Reiland your life is yours to live as you chose. Whatever you understand and experience autism to be, however you’ve chosen to live with it: be it love and acceptance. That’s your life, your truth.

But it’s not the only way and everyone else’s destiny.
I have friends who healed their children from regressive autism. 
Does it anger you because it doesn’t align with your beliefs and choices? 
If you truly believe in your path and your way, wouldn’t you be at peace with it?

Wouldn’t you be at peace with others and their own path?

Eve Reiland reporting your post. DO NOT give your Kids BLEACH. FFS

Eve Reiland FUck you and your paths. Take your woowoo pseudoscience and get the hell away from Autistic peopl, autistic kids. You are stripping their bowels out and calling them autism parasites you sick fuck

Eve Reiland Sylvia Wynans you have friend who’ve abused their autistic children. Yes, guess what, bleacher hunters see you. fuck u and stop harming and killing autistic children with your toxic cures.

#BleachCult can Bite Me Bitches. Autistic Mamas said Knock You Out.

Eve Reiland omg “love and acceptance” bwahahahahah take your bs off my block lady. You have no business selling snake oil to parents who are vunerable.

Eve Reiland Anna McBetter if they truly value autistic kiddos, they’ll listen to autistic adults who’ve survived. If you truly care, stop telling us what is and isnt’ abuse. Abusers never do accept what they are, do they?

Amanda Seigler stop bleaching your kids. The bleacher hunters are coming for you too…/moms-go-undercover-fight-fake…

NBCNEWS.COMParents are poisoning their children with bleach to ‘cure’ autism.…Parents are poisoning their children with bleach to ‘cure’ autism. These moms are trying to stop it.

Eve Reiland The Autistic Human Rights Charter – Do you support yoru child’s right to life, safety, parity, identity … or delete thisYOUTUBE.COMInternational Autists Human Rights CharterInternational Autists Human Rights Charter1

Eve Reiland or delete thisYOUTUBE.COMAutism Inclusion or Autistic Exclusion: Can You Tell The Difference?Autism Inclusion or Autistic Exclusion: Can You Tell The Difference?1

Eve Reiland or delete thisYOUTUBE.COMParents are poisoning their children with Bleach | Ban Toxic CuresParents are poisoning their children with Bleach | Ban Toxic Cures1

Eve Reiland or delete thisYOUTUBE.COM$ecret World of Autism: When Antivaxxers Heal & Recover Autistics$ecret World of Autism: When Antivaxxers Heal & Recover Autistics1

Crystal Shippien She will cope just like the rest of us that have children with Autism. We don’t choose it but we do our best.26Hide or report this

Martha-Marnie Stefanski I follow “cody speaks” Facebook page of a loving family; autistic son Cody. I hav no one to relate to but the approach; tone of voice these folks use is meaningful to me.

Meredith Vaughn As a human with autism … I love this response.

Amy E Root As an autistic adult, I love her response.Follower

Elizabeth Logsdon Many parents do find it difficult to raise a child with autism. No one should shame those parents. Everyone has a different experience. No one is saying we should treat our kids like they are difficult, but to try and say everything is easy is really not accurate.

Samantha Middleton Elizabeth Logsdon agreed. People are starting to deny that a child on the spectrum is different from a child who isn’t, and it often causes stress because they communicate and interpret things differently than their parents do. It can be devastating. It doesn’t mean it’s shameful, it’s just hard. I don’t think that should be ignored.11Hide or report this

Lisa Mason We also must remember that it is a spectrum and that spectrum can mean the child can have different issues and different challenges as well as different gifts and different quarks. Some will be easier to handle than others. A non-verbal violent autisti…See More8Hide or report this

Stephanie Fulton She gets all upset after admitting that her husband was on the spectrum and that they had been given things to help them cope day to day. She opened the door to be more open about the topic. While I appreciate her response. A through serious answer would have been nice following it.1Hide or report this

Samantha Middleton Lisa Mason of course. Everyone is different.Hide or report this

Catalina G Cincotta Elizabeth Logsdon asd as a spectrum … lets acknowledge not only the bright kids on the spectrum but also the ones .. the majority who don’t learn how to speak don’t learn how to use a toilet and so on.. they EXIST !!! More often than most people want to acknowledge. And it is heartbreaking and hard .

Samantha Middleton Catalina G Cincotta I think there’s a lot of toxic positivity going on around disabilities or special needs. To the point where they don’t even use those words anymore.

Eve Reiland Catalina G Cincotta Yeah, we do exist. Not sure what you think the autistic civil rights movement is about. But if you can’t support your child’s human rights .. and want to fight for a better future than abuse, homelessness, incarceration as care, institutions and utter abuse in so many areas — what is your problem? #1 cause of early death, suicide. #2 murder. How about you get over your toxic positive shit – I’m Autistic, disabled and proud. Mother to Autistics from children to 26 years old now. Do you know the fight for the IACC budget and the national autism funds disbursement? Do you understand autism politics beyond the mom groups who don’t include adult autistics in their world? Do you know anything beyond the glossy surface of your own NT-created Autism world?

LiEve Reiland Catalina G Cincotta This is an utter bs statement. The majority of Autistics … Do you think my Autistic kids are any more or less difficult to raise than other autistic kids? How about you stop putting out misinformation. Yes we have Autistic, intellectually disabled and other comorbidities that can be very disabling.

Do you forget Autistic people do have Autistic children and somehow, regardless of our child’s support needs, aren’t having the tragedy fest, pity party invite all my friends to whine about being mother warriors is … uh .. so … like hard y’all.

Tell you what, my children aren’t tragedies. They are also needing supports and more too — that dont’ exist. Because money never funded those systems. Even basic protocols for autistics to get basic healthcare — I’ve been denied myself to have help getting to walk again .. why because they dont’ know how to treat us. We weren’t supposed to exist today and these systems were never developed. Instead the cure was sought, and we were sold out to suicide, murder, homelessness, incarceration as care, abuse, and worse. 

IT really doesn’t matter what functioning label you want to give us – that’s our world. Your kid’s future. No matter what autism label you give them. 

You think it’s hard parenting Autistic kids? Imagine being Autistic raising Autistics in a world full of YOU. ffs.

everyday i’m so glad my children were born to Autistic parents. every. fucking. day. after reading this shit.

Sarah Kennedy Love it.

KC Toney Its easy to respond when you havent been in the thick of it. Easy when you have money for the best healthcare for your (maybe?) autistic child. Not everyone is “that guy from big bang theory” not everyone is rainman. 
Some autistic children will never:…

Sylvia Wynans The difficulty of carrying for someone with ASD depends on the severity, doesn’t it?

Many parents managed to heal or at least lessen the severity of their children’s symptoms by different biomedical treatments, diet protocols and nutritional supplements.

This group shares many stories and videos of recovery by parents. 

Justine Marie Hill Umm a person with autism was told he would never have a job, be married or have kids. I married him and have two children with him; he also works on airplanes. 

It’s a spectrum, everyone is different and has different atypical behaviors/mannerisms/abilities which are all valid and real. …See More13Hide or report this

Cassie Mayer Does anybody like her?

Lisa Mason What’s wrong with the Big Bang Theory? Lol

Anniversary FollowerFran Zozzaro…/what-is…Hide or report thisPSYCHOLOGYTODAY.COMWhat is Neurodiversity?

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