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Shove That Puzzle Piece Symbol Where The Sun Don’t Shine. Thanks. |  Eve Reiland 

Sharing this (originally a comment on Facebook) here in regards to puzzle piece reclamation by Autistic folks. :

The reclaimist movement – or apologist movement (not the same) – are both affecting and harming the movement to get this shit out of my kid’s schools, hospitals, zoos, grocery stores and more.

Seriously, it pisses me off that your personal journey is fucking up my community fight to get this away from my autistic kids. You can do anything you wish to personally, but know the affect it’s having on autistic kids right now.

They don’t get a choice to reclaim, they just get is shoved down their throat and I get the response, well not all autistics hate it.

Hell its still shoved down my throat every damn place. I know what it means.

So its harmful in actuality of fighting for a better future for my autistic kids and the next generation. I wish you’d consider the unintended ripple effect. and sorry life worthy of life, never ever going to ‘reclaim’ that back …. and why do you want to?

That’s even more confusing to me. but you do you…

and I’m going to fight with fury to eradicate this shit and get it out of my children’s lives. they don’t have your choice.


Eve Reiland

By Eve Reiland

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2 replies on “Shove That Puzzle Piece Symbol Where The Sun Don’t Shine. Thanks. |  Eve Reiland ”

I’m not interested in “fitting in” with some picture of how, what, and where I should be. I’d be happy just to be accepted as who I am without someone judging me defective. (if only you’d be more social…!) Whatever genes may be involved with autism are probably essential to human progress.

Unfortunately, “not like me = broken or wrong” is a very common human bias. It is also the origin of racism, misogyny, homophobia, extreme nationalism and all other forms of human intolerance. Sometimes intolerance shows a kind face.


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