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ABA/PBS practitioners are repeatedly told to strictly avoid mentioning to parents any hidden or declared aversives, veiled or obvious coercion, “punishers” as their cult-like internal language refers to such force … but ABA/PBS ‘researchers’ are not so craftily disciplined.

Innocent children are exposed to “Punishers” or [euphemism warning] “Significant Response Costs” for autistic ‘crimes’ such as “rumination”, “disobedience”, “failure to acquire a social skill”, “repetition”, “behaviours socially stigmatized by normal people”, and ABA/PBS’s controllers argue for the “need for additional punishment components” to end or “extinguish” any “autistic stereotypies”

“Punishers” in ABA/PBS can be anything from slapping as the founder Lovaas proudly recommended and regularly used, to being forced to drink extremely astringent mouthwash for “ruminating”, denial of food (“nutrition withholding”), being sprayed in the face (“tactile misting”), blind-folding (“face screening”), electro-shocking (“sudden nerve stimulus”), forced exercise (“contingent calorising”), hands held down (“wrist embracement”), or enforced “quiet hands”.

The four main reasons why there are NO ethics in ABA/PBS lie in:
– “if it works, who cares”… same as for torture… it requires an ethics-free zone
– a $2 billion dollar cult-industry depends on no ethics for so many incomes
– “it’s only autistics… empties, blanks, the hollow” 😦
– autistics are still the last to be listened to about autism.

~ ʎllɐǝɹƃ uɥoɾ

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