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As Seen On Facebook | My write up on the puzzle piece. I barely touch upon the T4 project during the Shoah (Holocaust). | Fierce Autie

Fierce Autie

Yesterday at 8:14 AM · 

My write up on the puzzle piece. I barely touch upon the T4 project during the Shoah (Holocaust). I will do a more in depth one another time.

Katherine Ruth Last Excellent, accurate and succinct. Just one note – rainbow infinity is more and more being used for broader neurodiversity, so including things like ADHD, dyslexia, etc, whereas gold is more and more being used specifically for autism.

Fierce Autie Katherine Ruth Last i will edit to reflect

Katherine Ruth Last It’s only a very, VERY recent development, to be fair, something I’ve noticed in about the last 6 months.

Katherine Ruth Last So I won’t hold it against you!

Meghan Ashburn I use the rainbow infinity because our family is neurodiverse. So that includes us all.

Christina Hoover Hoogestraat Meghan Ashburn same here

Fierce Autie Same Meghan Ashburn. We have a combination of autistics and and shinies

FMeghan Ashburn Fierce Autie same! 🤩🤩🤩

Meghan Ashburn Thank you for this. Angelina just shared it in That Au-some Book Club. The puzzle piece came up in our discussions of NeuroTribes. 

Fierce Autie thank you!

Robin Ganstrom Great article, I’d love to share it on my page, but a couple minor corrections for this part

“Judge Rothman Center even goes as far as electric shocks when they see a behavior they do not like. These abusive treatments lead to PTSD. PTSD usually leads to suicide.”

It’s the Judge Rottenberg Center. And it would be much more accurate (and hopeful) to say PTSD sometimes leads to suicide.

Suicide is not the inevitable end of PTSD. I have PTSD.

Fierce Autie Robin Ganstrom thank you. It’s the mixture of languages. Let me correct

Fierce Autie Robin Ganstrom in do too

Robin Ganstrom And I think you mean we don’t want to “reclaim” the puzzle piece… not recreate. Recreating it makes no sense in the context.

Fierce Autie Robin Ganstrom done.

Robin Ganstrom Couple typos in the last paragraph. I hope you don’t mind me pointing these out, I really like the overall article, I’m just trying to help you polish it a bit and make it better. 
“It is essential for human deversity. There is no normal or healthy. There is co correct way of living.”
I think you mean “diversity” and “no correct way of living”. ❤️👍

Fierce Autie Robin Ganstrom i don’t mind 🙂

Fierce Autie Robin Ganstrom done. Thank you ❤️

Robin Ganstrom Still need to correct “Judge Rothman Center”. It’s Judge Rotenberg Center.

Fierce Autie Done

Cindy Lewis I just linked it in a reply to a woman trying to explain why the local autism charity isn’t as great as she thinks. 

Whether she’ll be open to learning remains to be seen, but I led the proverbial horse to water.

Fierce Autie Cindy Lewis thank you!

Robert Gehrman Âû Well done ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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