Puzzle Piece is Hated by the Autistic Community: The history and what to use instead | Fierce Autistic Advocate

I am an autistic mother of six. I advocate for equal rights for autistics everywhere. Especially against MMS and other quack cures that are very dangerous.

A hate symbol. Why is the puzzle piece a hate symbol? I get asked this a lot.

They tell me to recreate it.

As a Holocaust educator, no one tells the Jewish, travelers, LBGTQ, or any other people massacred in this horrific even in history to recreate the swastika.

I am breaking down the history and what to use instead.

Source: Fierce Autistic Advocate

Activism International

AutismOne 2020 Protest | #ProtestAutismOne2020

AUTISM ONE 2020 PROTEST MAY 20, 2020 AutismOne is the yearly conference revival for quacks, that promote biomedical and toxic ‘cures’ for Autistic people. Autistics, together with our allies, are fighting the abuse of Autistic and vulnerable children and people. May 20, 2020 Autistics will protest this 3-day Chicago quackfest. Event information: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1530287560429726/

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Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. | Keep your puzzle piece hate symbols away from my autistic kids | Eve Reiland

Wake. Bake. Caffeinate. Keep your hate symbols 🧩 away from my autistic kids

As Seen On Facebook | Semantics for some, an important distinction for us. | Kieran Rose

Semantics for some, an important distinction for us.

Autism is so often spoken about by non-Autistic people as though its a tangible ‘thing’ that sits in the middle of the room, while those around it sermonise about people being individuals and seeing them first;

Then they go on to preach strategies for Autism, dealing with Autism, supporting Autism, living with Autism…

If you are looking at ‘Autism’, you are not thinking about a person, an individual.

You can’t strategise for ‘Autism’, it’s a name for a neurology – in the same way you can’t strategise for non-Autistic neurology – you can’t generalise like that, because you can’t box tick us all like that.

Autism isn’t a ‘thing’, its a shared Neurology intertwined with layers of individualised growth, shaped by a variety of life experiences. Which altogether creates a person.

A human.

An Autistic human.

If its so important that children aren’t defined by Autism, stop defining them by Autism.

Define them as a unique individual who is defined by the many aspects of their life.

Define them as Autistic.

As straight or gay or asexual, as boy, or girl, or trans, or non-binary, or which gender and identity sits and suits.

As Black, or White, or Hispanic, or Asian, as indiginous, as POC or hower race is precent.

As British, as American, as Japanese, or wherever they may come from.

As Atheist, as Catholic, as Deist or Bhuddist or whatever their religion may be, ir not be.

Define them as a Plumber, or Student, or writer, or researcher, or Rubbish Collector or whatever job they may have.

But most of all define them as Harry, or Joanne, or Khumar, or Chen, or Francois, or Helga, or whatever their name is.

Validate them. See them.

Because that’s who they are. That’s who you parent.