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Fierce Autistic Advocate: ABA and Gay Conversion Therapy Compared

DISCLAIMER: This blog goes into details about ABA and Gay Conversion therapy. If you are easily triggered by this, do not read. I went through ABA myself but I think its important that I complete this important post.

You see if often. ABA is compared to Gay conversion therapy in the autistic community. It leaves the same effects yet only one is considered in mainstream society to be abusive and the other is alright because it deals with disabled children.

Let’s explore conversion therapy. Anderson Cooper did a documentary on this very subject. There was a little boy treated at UCLA with experimental therapy. . To this day, conversion therapy enthusiasts consider it a victory. His family said he was never the same after therapy. This therapy was supposed to treat effeminate young boys. It was an experimental therapy funded by the government which its goal was to reverse perceived feminine behavior.  “They only thing they did was destroy our brother” said his brother.

Their mother was concerned because of his feminine behaviors. “I wanted him to grow up to have a normal life.”

Source: Fierce Autistic Advocate: ABA and Gay Conversion Therapy Compared

By Eve Reiland

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