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Time To Boycott Kellogg’s | Autism Speak$ does hate and exclusion on a scale no other organisation can manage. | Âûtistic News Feed

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Autism Speak$ does hate and exclusion on a scale no other organisation can manage. Time to boycott Kelloggs for partnering with that hate outfit..

Jolene Johnston And I really freaking like their cereal to. Well, liked.

Faith Alana Alastair Jolene Johnston sameDelete, hide or report this

Carol McAlister Boycotted them a long time ago. No loss. Try the organic versions of thier products. Tastier and guilt free!Delete, hide or report this

Jess Monck All good, we went low carb years ago

Bauke Conijn Kellogg, the person who invented cornflakes as part of his crusade against masturbation. With a history of mutilating people for something that’s completely normal natural behavior, I guess it makes sense that his company now supports an organization that advocates to torture autistic children for completely normal natural behavior.Delete, hide or report this

Stephanie Thomas Bauke Conijn wait, what?!

Stephanie Thomas Wow. I just looked it up. That’s crazy

Bauke Conijn…

EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORGJohn Harvey Kellogg – WikipediaJohn Harvey Kellogg – Wikipedia

Bauke Conijn And, hide or report thisEN.WIKIPEDIA.ORGCorn flakes – WikipediaCorn flakes – Wikipedia

Bauke Conijn I assume you already know that Autism $peaks promotes subjecting autistic children to Applied Behavioral Abuse (ABA) and that behaviorism, including ABA, is fundamentally rooted in the principles of torture.

By Eve Reiland

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