Fierce Autistic Advocate: Clicker Training humans : It works but is it Ethical? | #KidsAreNotDogs

Source: Fierce Autistic Advocate: Clicker Training humans : It works but is it Ethical?

I am a Veterinary Technologist. What is that. It is an LPN in the veterinary world. While in college, it is required to learn dog and cat training. The method is giving a dog or cat a treat for performing a desired behavior and using the clicker at the same time. Over time the dog or cat learns that the click is the reward instead of the treat and they desire the treat. …

Yesterday it was bought to my attention that there is a TV show in the UK that shows people how to clicker train their baby. It is called “Train Your Baby Like a Dog.”

As a parent and pet professional, I have a huge problem with that, and I hope you do too. Your baby is not a dog, your baby is a human. At a very young age, they are able to communicate using sign language (the particular sign language depends on the area you live).

This is because the language center of the brain develops faster than the speech center of the brain.  Babies do have cognitive thought. They do have emotions and are very capable of expressing them. ”

Amanda Seigler – Fierce Autie

Activism International

Fierce Autie

Website: I am an autistic mother of Autistic children, shiny (ADHD) children, children that have suffered from neglect before coming to me. I am an autistic who has ADHD, PTSD and PCOS. I also advocate for Autistic rights and against quack treatments. This includes MMS. MMS is giving chlorine bleach to try to “cure” … Continue reading Fierce Autie

Autistic UK

Website: About Us Autistic UK is an Autistic People’s Organisation (APO) – an organisation run by autistic people for autistic people. Autistic UK aims to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with related neurodevelopmental conditions. It aims to promote and protect the civil and human rights of the autistic population and … Continue reading Autistic UK

The Autistic Cooperative

Colloquially known as TAC, The Autistic Cooperative was established officially on November 3rd 2017,  by Kieran Rose, Kieran Rose, United Kingdom an Autistic Advocate and Activist, Writer and Speaker  from the United Kingdom.  & JOHN GREALLY, John Greally, New Zealand an Autistic Advocate and Activist from New Zealand, and co-founder of ASAN AUNZ, ASNZ and Âutistic ûnion. The Autistic Cooperative was created in an attempt to pull together Advocacy groups … Continue reading The Autistic Cooperative

AutismOne 2020 Protest | #ProtestAutismOne2020

AUTISM ONE 2020 PROTEST MAY 20, 2020 AutismOne is the yearly conference revival for quacks, that promote biomedical and toxic ‘cures’ for Autistic people. Autistics, together with our allies, are fighting the abuse of Autistic and vulnerable children and people. May 20, 2020 Autistics will protest this 3-day Chicago quackfest. Event information: Recently, stories that expose … Continue reading AutismOne 2020 Protest | #ProtestAutismOne2020

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