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As Seen On Facebook | DO YOU SEE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN TRAINING YOUR DOG, AND YOUR BABY? | Jo-Rosie, Archie the Super Pit & Co. | #KidsAreNotDogs



So, more details will follow next week but as most of you know, last year I jumped out of my comfort zone to prove that useful, universal laws of behaviour exist between all species…

Me and my superhero sidekick Tango (@labrador_tango) helped families needing to overcome behaviour challenges but, rather than my usual canine client, this time I was doing behaviour mod with kids!!!

Want to see how science-based dog training may (or may not) work with human puppies? Then be sure to tune in to the pilot episode of Train Your Baby Like A Dog.

Aug 20th 8pm Channel 4.

#trainyourbabylikeadog #unmissabletv #sciencebased #dogtraining#dogtrainingtv #dogsandkids #howtotrainyourbaby

Amanda Seigler No. I am a veterinary technologist and I survived ABA. Are you trying to traumatize the baby?

Eve Reiland Seriously, dude? ABA for dogs and kids?

Robert Gehrman Âû *Blinks* is this a hoax or a real show? Are you effing serious? #YesAllABA (Is abuse, is grooming, is trauma, steals our No) 😠

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Robert Gehrman Âû its real!

Robert Gehrman Âû That’s nuts !

Maria-Christina Smyrnaiou Are you trying to get yourself a lawsuit?Hide or report this

Active NowLindsay Mohler ABA causes PTSD…/AIA-08-2017-0016/full/html

EMERALD.COM Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied…Evidence of increased PTSD symptoms in autistics exposed to applied behavior analysis | Emerald Insight

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Eve Reiland

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Amanda Seigler

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Fiona Clarke
Heather Beattie
Robert Gehrman Âû

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Kieran Rose
Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Âû
John Greally1

Active NowAmanda Seigler My thoughts? Here…/clicker-training-humans…

FIERCEAUTIE.COMClicker Training humans : It works but is it Ethical?Clicker Training humans : It works but is it Ethical?

Jo-rosie Haffenden Amanda Seigler  Jo-rosie Haffenden Amanda Seigler Hi Amanda, happy to discuss this with you further but I’m not an ABA practitioner and I don’t really use the clicker with the children I work with (except in games that teach the parents timing skills). 

I’m a holistic behaviourist which means I study and work in many frames including but not exclusive to behaviourism, genetics, neuroscience, chemistry, environmental psych, social psych, attachment and relationships and many many more. 

For the record my dog is capable of cognition and emotion as well as expressing desires and communicating non verbally too. As are many many animals that join us in the animals kingdom. There is much leading science to suggest dogs are a better social model to examine childrens learning abilities than even primates. And much of the advancing technology has shown us just how similar, emotionally, dogs can be to children under the age of 2.5.

All that said, I think you’ve judged chickens before they’ve hatched in these circumstances and I’d love to hear your views after you’ve actually seen the show.

Active NowAmanda Seigler Jo-rosie Haffenden of course your dog is but if your dog is showing signs of distress, you stop. In ABA they are taught to restrain the child if the child is being difficult. 

My child will not be treated like a dog.

Jo-rosie Haffenden Amanda Seigler As I said. I’m not an ABA practitioner and I don’t restrain children. If children I work with show signs of distress, guess what? I stop. I really think you’re barking up the wrong ally 🙂

Active NowAmanda Seigler ABA is based on this. Make sure you don’t give these kids milk bones

Active NowEmma Dalmayne…/channel-4-cancel-train-your…CHANGE.ORG Sign the PetitionSign the Petition2

Robert Gehrman Âû Signed! TY

Active NowEmma Dalmayne Robert Gehrman Âû very welcome.Liz Bean Lidstone I will watch with interest alongside my mother! 

I trained in animal training and behaviour.

She was a childminder, childcare assessor, specialised in children with additional educational needs and was a childcare and health and social care lecturer.

Lucinda Tennent Cannot wait for this! So glad you’ve done this. I’m due in December and was hoping to find that out for myself. I’ve already been winding my partner and parents up by saying I’m going to approach “training” the baby in the same way I would a dog… little do they know how serious I am 😂

Top FanYvonne Mestrum F**k me! If I had your skills! I’ve brought up my dogs and kids with same basic principles: love, basic needs provided for, boundaries, mental/physical challenges, rewards, love……..
I have happy, balanced kids and a happy, balanced, slightly nutty dog….. Any challenges she presents are down to my knackeredness/ lack of attention, but she’s basically bloody lovely!

Liz Bean Lidstone It was fascinating watching my puppy and my niece together. It was scarily similar that they were meeting their milestones and developing key behaviours at the same time e.g. sharing toys, exploring different texture, trying different foods, recognisin…See More

Kristine Weston Brilliant I look forward to it! 👍

Mandy Wilson Awesome. It’s so true. Looking forward to this!Hide or report this

Louise Feaheny Absolutely!! I’m using the same principles with my one year old 😀
Control and management, positive reinforcement and redirection! Classical conditioning for things like sleep and routines too 🙂
Offering choice and reinforcing the “good” ones!Hide or report this2

By Eve Reiland

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