“Fear Inoculum” – Tool [YouTube Audio Single] | Zumic | Free Music Streaming & Concert Listings

When Tool released their most recent album — 10,000 Days — in 2006, no one expected the band would not release any new music for over 13 years. The wait finally ended this week, as the band released a new song called “Fear Inoculum” and revealed details about a studio album of the same name set for release on August 30. Listen above, courtesy of the band’s YouTube. …


After the long break, the band sound fresh while staying true to their classic sound. The epic 10+ minute track is reminiscent of 10,000 Days and 2001’s Lateralus, with Maynard’s familiar vocals over hypnotic riffs between guitar, bass, drums, and tablas in complex time signatures. “Fear Inoculum” is quite timely, with creative melodies and open-ended lyrics about “inoculum,” “immunity,” “contagion,” and “delusion” that seemingly reference vaccination and the anti-vaxxer movement which has become responsible for recent outbreaks of illnesses like measles which were previously thought to be vanquished. As with great poetry, the message works on many levels — literal and symbolic, social and personal.

Source: “Fear Inoculum” – Tool [YouTube Audio Single] | Zumic | Free Music Streaming & Concert Listings

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