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As Seen On Twitter | … @MarriottIntl & @SpringHillSuite, I’m Curious About Your Featured Billboard Promoting Abuse … | Ronson Page

Ronson Page@RonsonPage@MarriottIntl I’m curious about your @SpringHillSuite franchise in 2301 Cinema Dr, Amarillo, TX. Specifically, about the Burkett Outdoor billboard in your parking lot that features an unsubstantiated AND LETHAL autism cure claim. #actuallyautistic#ASAN 1/

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuite@MarriottIntl

@SpringHillSuite Woman on the book cover is former Chicagoan Kerri Rivera, who now resides in Mexico. She was required by the Illinois AG to sign a doc stating that she would no longer promote the use of toxic chlorine dioxide or “CD” in the state of Illinois. 2/224

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20h@MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite

This chlorine dioxide, also known as “Miracle Mineral Solution” or “MMS”, is an industrial bleach. The method of treatment that Rivera promotes is injecting autistic infants & toddlers with a toxic chlorine dioxide formula via enema. #ASAN 3/113Ronson

Page@RonsonPage·20h@MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite In plain language, she wants parents to give autistic babies a bleach enema. #actuallyautistic#ASAN 4/113

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20h@MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite In addition to bleach enemas, Rivera’s lethal “cure” also requires that children drink the bleach solution and bathe in it. What can happen? Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, renal failure, shedding of internal mucus membranes & death. 5/113

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20h@MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite The lethally dangerous book on the billboard has been banned on Amazon, btw. And you might want to look into the related lawsuits and judgments. #actuallyautistic#ASAN 6/113

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20h@MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite Autism is a developmental disorder. There is no cure for autism. #actuallyautistic#ASAN 7/115Ronson Page@RonsonPage·20hSo, what is the billboard connection between @MarriottIntl@SpringHillSuite Platinum Management Services of Nashville TN, Burkett Outdoor, and Kerri Rivera? Is this simple ignorance? Or pure greed, preying upon traveling families that stay in your hotel? 8/ #ASAN216Ronson Page@

RonsonPage·17h@amarilloglobe@jonmarkbeilue What do you think of this?2Ashley Meadow@Meadoworld·17hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteThis reminds of the time when people thought being left-handed needed to be “cured”! Please remove this offensive billboard!17

Eve Reiland | #AutisticAndProud@BadassActivist·16m I’m Autistic and left-handed oi! 🙂

The Autistic Avenger@ThAutisticAvngr·2hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteThis is the stuff Kerri cons parents into feeding to their kids orally and rectally. It causes gi, kidney, liver, and blood cell damage. When intestinal lining exits ( that’s what happens from bleach enema) Kerri tells parents it’s an Autism-causing worm. (link:…

2The Autistic Avenger@ThAutisticAvngr·3hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuite Today I’ve got a call to action coming out shortly (an hour?), regarding friends of Kerri’s (Genesis 2) and their upcoming bleach seminar. I will put together a Call To Action for this sign next. TY for helping expose and fight this horrific mess!


Replying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteA meme I made awhile ago about her. #StopMMS1

meagan dixon@meagandixon·18hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteThis is appalling! We don’t need a cure for Autism, we need a cure for ignorance7

Sia Star @sstarz75·13hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteSince it’s franchised, I’d start off with the management company (who might not own the property which is common). It’s possible that the owners don’t even own the pad the sign is on. In which case I’d go to Burkett. If you’re going to contact Marriott call the corporate offices.12

Ronson Page@RonsonPage·12hI’ve mentioned both Burkett & the mgt co by name in the thread. Unfortunately, neither is on Twitter, best I can determine. But @MarriottIntl & @SpringHillSuite still have a vested interest. Their names are all over the property.2

Elizabeth thinks snakes are vastly underrated!@Elizabetsy77·19hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuite@Sawbones a new podcast topic? I would love to get your thoughts on the bleach enema “cure” for autism.2

katie cook@currentmscook·20hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteOutstanding questions!!5

David Rice The Writer@DavidMichaelRi8·19hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteI wish Hell existed so that people selling “autism cures” would end up there.5

Brad Cook@bradcwriter·19hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteThat’s horrific.3Despina@Wonder_Writer·15hReplying to @RonsonPage@MarriottIntl and @SpringHillSuiteThis is as egregious and potentially lethal as someone touting a (same) cure for #CerebralPalsy or #DownSyndrome. Utterly ridiculous and dangerous.

By Eve Reiland

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