What Parents of Autistic Kids Need to Know – Neurodivergent Narwhals – Books For Littles

Autistic children hear so many negative and harmful messages about autism. I would always be on his side to confront ableism and ignorance – we are a team.

Source: What Parents of Autistic Kids Need to Know – Neurodivergent Narwhals – Books For Littles

One response to “What Parents of Autistic Kids Need to Know – Neurodivergent Narwhals – Books For Littles”

  1. Some days the snarkiest part of my brain just wants to do one of those “undercover expose” features where we strip the “for the neurodiverse” label off of these common-sense recommendations and market stimming, sensory rooms and all the rests as some fancy new form of “work-life balance” or “health and wellbeing” miracle cure. I am often very tempted to hand over one of my squishies to some clearly over-stimulated (usually aggressive and angry) NT adult, send them to a sensory-friendly quiet room and, when they come out, charge them $60 for their “relaxation experience” – with a mic-drop side of “p.s., what you just paid good money to do is what you idiots are trying to train neurodiverse kids is ‘wrong’” to boot. Maybe NTs should be looking to the neurodiverse for *general* advice on how to raise self-soothing, emotionally balanced kids instead of calling us “weird.” Seriously, I feel like the basic thread of neurodiverse friendly parenting is to teach your children, “Who you are is ok, do whatever you need to do to be happy, whatever that is, and we’ll support you to make it work no matter what the rest of the idiots of the world think.” Why is that not *already* the default advice for how to raise happy, non-traumatized kids?! (Also, seriously, why shouldn’t everyone be allowed a squishie at all times for comfort?)

    NTs may be the normative for parenting, but the general number of adults still struggling with childhood issues in general suggests maybe NTs need to realize their “normative” way isn’t actually “good” for *anyone.* They could learn a lot from neurodiverse kids and adults…


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