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International coalition against restraint and seclusion

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This is an extremely distressing video of an 8 year old American boy with disabilities caged like an animal.

The parent of this child sent us this video of her son terrified In a Seclusion cell at school. Her son is sent there frequently he has a mood disorder and ADHD. The school sent her the video to show her his behavior.

THIS CHILD IS TERRIFIED. This is what is happening nationwide, to children with autism, disabilities and children of color.

This is a terrified child trying to beat his way out of a Seclusion room. He has been placed in the room for the past two years and he will be placed in there again this week and all the weeks following.

We must ban this. We must share this. This is no longer something you can imagine this is something you can witness with your own eyes. 

This child has no way of calming down as he is being requested to do through a locked door.

He has a disability and he is unable to control his fear of being in that locked room. He is terrified and wants to get out. This is abuse.

We must pass HR7124 in america and we must stop this practice internationally

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