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… So Lack Of Disability Access Is A Marketable Event For Stores. | Eve Reiland

This Autistic sensory shopping extravaganza. is not just Macy’s, and it’s been happening around the world with various stores. This is marketed inspiration porn for non-autistics to ‘feel good’ about these stores …

You know, I see autistic activists talking about this and seeing other folks respond ‘at least their trying. It’s better than nothing.’

uh, no. Really. It’s really not.

It’s not better than nothing – it’s marketing on the backs of autistics for their parents $$$. Disability access every day, let’s talk about that. And let’s NOT GIVE applause for those marketing disability access for a buck for a few hours on that one day.

Right now, what I’m seeing are companies who know their stores are excessive in noise, light and so on — making a single day or time accessible is not better than nothing. It’s a statement they know there’s an accessibility problem in their businesses. Obviously, it’s skewed to look good on their behalf, but at the end of the day, it’s an announcement of knowing they are inaccessible to a large minority group.

Making $$$ off disability access because the word ‘autism’ drives those sales … how about we tackle the bigger issues of making their stores more accessible and at least start managing the noise and visual pollution.

These attempts are not better than nothing. – it’s a statement of knowing they are terribly inaccessible with sensory pollution.

It doesn’t just affect autistics – there are many people with sensory integration challenges. This world is geared with marketing noises, lights, blips, smells and so on to grab your attention, your brain space, your sensory world. They know this. They have marketing and studies on this forever now.

How about instead of a ‘sale day’ for autistics … actual access. At least put a stop to the overload of sensory pollution so Autistic adults can shop your store too.

Getting credit for being accessible a few hours once … nope. Do better.

You know you have an issue and you have solutions available too. Obviously, you’re making special shopper hours for parents of Autistics.

That is non-autistic parents of autistics.


Eve Reiland Noise and visual pollution need to be recognized by folks and addressed. It’s been an issue for me for a long time now — my mind palace is pissed off at the intrusions so often.

I pay for the youtube premium and others for NO commercials because it’s so intrusive (the noises, the lights, the flash, the intrusion of marketed speech into the brain). When we’re in a grocery store and something is beeping and shooting a coupon out to me from the aisle, it’s just too much.

This doesn’t just affect autistics or others with sensory integration disabilities — on a subconcious level it affects everyone. its why they do it.

it’s like Vegas every day every where with this stuff. or worse, the hospital with the beeps and noise. there’s so much room for improvement for figuring out how to stop making so much of this pollution – that would be a start.

By Eve Reiland

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