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Hey all, I live with severe PTSD. I Hear Your Stigma … | Eve Reiland

Hey all, I live with severe PTSD. When you talk shit about ‘crazy people’ — I hear your stigma. I feel it. Please don’t applaud me on my being outspoken and then turn and scream stigma when news of the worst ugliness hits.

I’m currently working hard out of a huge ptsd flare up … to see such ugly everywhere and directed at people like me, blanket statements by the president and the comments …and you know, what did I do?

I tell you what I get to do: Suffer. Suffer the hate, The comments. The stigma. The outrage and anger.

None of it is about me, but I get to carry the weight of the emotion of knowing I’m severely disabled by mental illness and functional neurological disorder — due to surviving severe trauma as a child …

I get to carry the weight of others pointing at me saying I’m the ‘mentally ill one’ and some of the worst slurs you can imagine.

I get to carry the weight of others anger and hate.

Yet, here I sit. Watching the hate, the ugly and and mass casualties on the news like everyone else. Suffering the pain of he ugly, and suffering the pain of another wave of stigma being slapped at me by people all around.

And you know … the ones making those stigmatized comments … look in the mirror. You’re not the solution. You’re the problem.

Start there for the cure on this kind of madness.

By Eve Reiland

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