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As Seen On Facebook | Ableist BS Award | The Autistic Avenger


  Congrats to Stu, Winner of The Autistic Avenger Ableist B.S. Award Of The Month 😥🏆😠 

My reply :

“The Autistic neurotype is a proven genetic developmental difference in synaptic connectivity. Not a set of behaviors, not bad parenting, not lack of discipline, and not political correctness, Stu.

I am #ProudlyAutistic and very late-diagnosed due to ignorances such as what you’re perpetuating withthose words. But I finally have that missing owner’s manual for my nervous system and life in your world is improving now for me due to these new understandings. :)

Autistics have always been here. Long ago we were the cavepersons inventing tools and charting the stars while the non-Autistic cavemen perhaps sat around complaining about political correctness 😆 In all seriousness, Autistics have contributed so much to the world.

Without Autistics you can say goodbye to Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs? Autistic.

The common consensus on Einstein? No official diag but he exhibited the signs all throughout his life. Not all Autistics grow up to be science and math whizzes (Tim Burton, Emily Dickenson, Dan Ackroyd, Ladyhawke) but many of the world’s greatest innovators, in so many fields, are Autistics, primarily because we tend to think outside the box and see the world through a different lens. Not better, not worse, just different, and deserving of recognition and respect for who we are.

What some are so quick to chalk up to “behaviors” are actually signs of real legitimate problems due to living in a world that is quite ableist and ignorant about us and not built with us in mind. Want to help an “unruly” Autistic child? Don’t discipline them for not having the means to cope. That would be cruel, traumatic, and make things worse. Instead, accommodate our basic needs. Its time you understood some of these needs differ from those of the non-Autistic. Find what’s bothering the child. Address sensory hurdles, etc, etc…

There is so much to know about Autistickind, and I think you’ll really enjoy doing so if you can get over your assumptions. Peace and compassion and not taking the sh*t any more. Please stop your ableist hate speech. TY. ” 🎸

Activism International

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