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As Seen On Facebook | If you have been targeted, harassed, threatened by Tania Marshal ( @TaniaAMarshall )… | Sara Jane Harvey


If you have been targeted, harassed, threatened and abused by the revolting Tania Marshall, please inbox me all evidence. i will remove your name for protection.

I’m doing a journalistic expose on her in video and live format.

Do not post it on here. Marshall will try to threaten you with emotional abuse and arrest….they are empty threats to control autistic people who don’t agree with her narrative.

She’s done nothing to me. I’m an advocate in the autistic community defending the autistic people she has targeted for years. I’m releasing a statement once the evidence is collated for you to see for yourself.

Inbox me her hate. We will expose this person once and for all – the public can decide if they want to help us with an official board complaint as I’m sure many will when they see her actions over the last few years.

This is not a threat Tania. THIS IS A STATEMENT OF ACTION & INTENT

By Eve Reiland

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