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I see first hand the damage ‘person WITH autism’ does. | Emma Dalmayne

Emma Dalmayne@EDalmayne

I see first hand the damage ‘person WITH autism’ does. I see the parents who bleach, who display their child’s bowel lining on plates because little Johnny ‘has autism’ but after doses of enemas and oral solutions for months at a time topped up with GcMAF & a bit of 1/32:34 AM · Jul 25, 2019

Turpentine thrown in he will no longer ‘have autism’ according to these abusers. This is because hes masking, in agony & knows damn well not to stimm or the colanders coming out. I see confused traumatised autistics telling people they have lost their autism due to GAPS & 2/3139

Chelation. So please do use whatever terms you wish, I’ll keep in promoting identity first. If you want to see the damage person first can do here is a link, it is graphic so take care viewing it:

(link:… 3/33311

Elaine Chapman Autism Acceptance@BooksBowsLooks·40mReplying to @EDalmayne

It may be a small issue by comparison, but a large part of the reason I dislike person first language is because the people really do see autism before they see the autistic person.

They ignore problems we present to them, tell us we identify wrong, and that we are wrong… 1/211

Elaine Chapman Autism Acceptance@BooksBowsLooks·38m

What part of that is putting the person first? In my experience, the people who use identity first language are the ones most likely to value us as people.

By Eve Reiland

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