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15 Myths About Anti-Vaxxers, Debunked – Part 3 | Circa March 2015

Fact: Many charlatans spread misinformation about vaccines, and parents may be encountering any of them, all of them or even just their bad information.

No doubt, Wakefield deserves all the blame one can heap on him for breathing life into a new chapter in the anti-vaccine history book. And yes, McCarthy played her part too. But many parents have concerns about vaccines, and these days, McCarthy is just a convenient scapegoat, a tired trope for those too lazy or ignorant to realize how many others are out there besides these two promoting bad information.

Here’s a short list for those morbidly curious the rabbit warren (though I’m not sure I’d recommend hopping around it): Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams (Natural News “Health Ranger”), Sherri Tenpenny, Barbara Loe Fisher, Brian Hooker, Dan Olmsted, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kelly Brogan, J.B. Handley, Lawrence Palevsky, Jeffry John Aufderheide, Suzanne Humphries…

these are the hard-core, conspiracy-touting anti-vaxxers to direct shame and ridicule toward. Even apparently well-meaning doctors can provide misinformation, sometimes in a misguided quest for popularity. The Internet is teeming with misinformation about vaccines, and it’s where many parents – especially highly educated ones – go to “do their own research.”

Source: 15 Myths About Anti-Vaxxers, Debunked – Part 3

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