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Note: This page and all links on it discuss electric shock, other abusive and coercive treatments, institutions, and other forms of abuse against disabled people/people with disabilities in great detail.

This page contains links to a variety of materials relating to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), formerly known as the Behavior Research Institute (BRI). Please scroll or skip to the bottom of the page’s main contents for a link to separate sections with different documents. I am currently in the process of uploading and organizing an enormous amount of documents in my possession, so please be patient as this process may take an incredibly long time to complete. (I started cataloging links and documents related to the JRC around 2011/2012.) This is also a living archive, which means new items will always be added (as new ones are put out into the world, and as I remember to add older items) and this page is never meant to be considered complete. Please note I also frequently have documents that I have not put on this page, out of privacy or strategic concerns. Feel free to email me at lydia@autistichoya.com if you have a document or know of an article, video, blog post, or other item somewhere that should be added to this page. If you are currently at JRC, formerly at JRC, a family member or friend of someone at JRC, or a current or past employee at JRC, and you would like a more secure way to contact me, you can reach out at the same address and I can arrange an encrypted communication method.

(living archive last updated 1 May 2019)

Source: Judge Rotenberg Center « Lydia X. Z. Brown

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