As Seen On Facebook | How to abuse Autistics and make a $$$ empire at the same time | Eve Reiland 

How to abuse Autistics and make a $$$ empire at the same time. Great, new book. ffs.

Robert Gehrman Âû I see this … ty for the tag. wtf. abuse. abuse. and a book to create an empire on it. jerks.


Behave Like A Boss – How to build a seven-figure ABA Firm

The Behavior Business Owner’s Field-Manual for Success
None would argue, we find ourselves at a new frontier medically and scientifically with the marked increase in Autism diagnoses worldwide.

Treating Autism has become it’s own cottage industry, and private equity firms and venture (vulture) capitalists are eager to swoop in and monopolize the ABA industry as they have attempted to do with so many others. We believe this hurts staff wages and morale, and decreases service quality, because these venture capitalist firms have investors demanding steep returns.

Treating Autism with true evidence-based therapies has taken hold over mentalistic approaches to problem behavior. That means that expertly trained clinicians are the only qualified providers of true ABA therapy, and should be the owners of firms providing that therapy. The guide you hold in your hand represents the vision of true BCBAs to keep our industry from being overrun by big business interests.

We believe BCBA-D’s and BCBAs should be running the nation’s ABA firms. This book’s purpose is to provide the industry insight, business structure, marketing basics, and mentality required, to start and build a successful ABA firm.

The treasure trove of one of the nation’s chief ABA firms has been opened, and precise coordinates for success are provided – although we’ll add, success isn’t a destination, it’s a set of behaviors. So, take charge of the business realm, fellow analysts. Together we can change the financial world’s behavior, letting the private equity firms and venture capitalists know that our field isn’t for sale. This is our house.

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