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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Writer speaks out against vaccinations | Letters To The Editor |

Letter To The Editor

Joshua Ashwood | Fort Gibson

Mainstream news basically portrays “anti-vaxxers” as drooling imbeciles who want dead children. Conversely, many “anti-vaxxers” suspect most “vaxxers” are basically sheeple who blindly follow whatever the government/medical establishment tells them to do without ever researching if the “anti-vaxxers” reasoning is legitimate. …

Source: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Writer speaks out against vaccinations | Letters To The Editor |


Eve_Reiland10 minutes ago

For the record: Vaccines do not cause Autism. The lies spread about Autistic people by antivaxxers is a crime against humanity. The ‘cures’ they give us, is a crime that ought to be sentenced with prison time. its abuse. So how about you get the hell out of Autistic health care? We are one of the largest minority groups in the world. Stop the lies. We have human and civil rights. You all keep forgetting about that. Mind you, so much of the de-platforming, de-funding and getting antivaxxers kicked off social media platforms is the DIRECT work of Autistic activists. We’re tired of the bs harming us so greatly. Y’all can sit down and shut up on our behalf. thank you. we got this.DeleteShareLikeReply

Avatar for Eve_Reiland

Eve_Reiland13 minutes ago

You do know antivaxxers push toxic cures on autistic kids? industrial bleach, turpentine, borax, leeches, powdered parrot head. The abuse served up in the name of ‘natural health’ to autistic kids is a killer.DeleteShareLikeReply

Avatar for Bob_Thompson

Bob_Thompson1 hour ago

Ashwood is confusing conspiracy theories for truth. He claims those who support vaccinations are “hiding the truth”, a typical claim for the tinfoil-hat ctowd. What truth- disgraced British quack Andrew Wakefield” fake research? D-list Hollywood celebrities? Looney tune YouTube sites? If you want to know who the real disseminator of lies is, look no further than Ashwood. For someone who claims to know the Truth, he should know better. Sham on this man, and shame on the gullible who believe him.FlagShareLikeReply

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Rilly_Rill2 hours ago

Thanks! Keep the truth coming.

By Eve Reiland

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