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Help us protect people with autism from harmful homeopathic ‘cures’

What are we doing and why?

Good Thinking is a registered charity which stands up for science. We are challenging the Professional Standards Authority’s (PSA) decision to accredit the Society of Homeopaths as part of its accredited registers programme.

The PSA decided to grant the accreditation even though some Society of Homeopaths members offer CEASE therapy which is an unscientific and potentially dangerous treatment for autism that is targeted at autistic children. Please contribute to our legal challenge and share this page with your friends, family and on social media.

What is CEASE therapy?

CEASE therapists claim they can cure autism, based on the false belief that autism is caused by vaccines and that the symptoms of autism can be cured with homeopathic treatments, dangerously-high-dosage Vitamin C, and dietary restriction. Many CEASE therapists are aligned with the extremely dangerous anti-vaccination movement which is gaining traction in the UK.

The “CEASE” part of “CEASE therapy” stands for “Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression”. This unscientific “cure” has been criticised by doctors, other medical and health professionals, autistic people, their families and autistic rights campaigners. The National Autistic Society have described CEASE therapy as “absolutely appalling”.


The PSA grants accreditation to some membership organisations which represent providers of healthcare, such as organisations representing sports therapists and psychotherapists. Choosing a therapist which belongs to an organisation that is accredited by the PSA is encouraged: the PSA says its accreditation programme is here to “protect the public and help ensure their health and wellbeing”.

Following some recent negative publicity about CEASE therapy, the PSA “urged” the public only to choose practitioners from an accredited register, such as the Society of Homeopaths. However, this is not safe advice since the Society of Homeopaths includes some practitioners of CEASE therapy.

The PSA has acknowledged that CEASE therapy is potentially harmful and conflicts with the advice of the NHS in several respects. However, despite recognising this risk of harm, and the fact that some members of the Society of Homeopaths offer CEASE therapy, the PSA decided to continue allowing the Society of Homeopaths to be part of their accredited register scheme.

By being part of the PSA’s accredited register scheme, the Society of Homeopaths and its members – including those who practice CEASE therapy – can point to the PSA’s logo on their websites and marketing materials as a sign that they are competent, trustworthy and safe. But that badge, and the credibility and legitimacy it confers, only carries any meaning if the PSA takes seriously their duty to protect the public from harmful practices.

By accrediting the Society of Homeopaths, the PSA have failed in their duty to protect the public and not only that – they have failed to take into account how their decision adversely affects the interests of autistic people, as is required by the Equality Act 2010.

If Good Thinking’s Judicial Review is successful the PSA will likely be required to revisit their decision to accredit the Society of Homeopaths, this time paying proper regard to the need to protect the public and in particular autistic children who are the main targets for CEASE therapy.

By backing our CrowdJustice campaign, you can help us ensure that the credibility of PSA accreditation is not lent to therapists who claim to cure autism, or discourage parents from vaccinating their children. 

How much do we need to raise?

Our solicitors have already sent a detailed pre-action letter to the PSA to explain why we believe their decision to reaccredit the SoH was unlawful. In responding the PSA have signalled their intention to stand by their decision, so our next step is to file a Judicial Review which we need to do by Friday 28th June.

Judicial review is an expensive court action and we estimate that we will need in the region of £35,000 (plus VAT) to get to the stage of getting permission to go to a full hearing, at which point further funds would need to be raised to see the claim through to a trial.

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Source: Help us protect people with autism from harmful homeopathic ‘cures’

By Eve Reiland

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