#TodayinABA hashtag on Twitter

Source: #TodayinABA hashtag on Twitter

A child learned that it’s okay for adults to violate her boundaries if they give her candy, that good girls don’t have boundaries, and that passively taking abuse is the path to love.

a non-speaking autistic child had her apraxia mistaken for unwillingness or cognitive delay, because the expensive experienced therapist didn’t consider it necessary to study what non-speakers have written.

children were robbed of their self soothing mechanisms because the sensory needs of neurotypicals have been deemed more important than the sensory needs of autistics. I will never quiet my hands. I will never quiet my words.

A little girl is rewarded with praise & food in excess of 100 times for agreeing & for not admitting she is uncomfortable, overwhelmed, hurting, & confused. What happens in 10 years when compliance is all she knows & she is conditioned to say yes despite being afraid?

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