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YouTube Removed Man Who Wanted Sick People to Drink Paint Thinner – YouTube

Published on May 9, 2019


Candida and parasite elimination specialist, Danny Glass, has been telling people for years on YouTube how to remove parasites from their system. Ironically, YouTube has done just that, as they have removed him from their platform for violating terms of service. The guy is quite literally a parasite feeding off the desperation and ignorance of his hosts, making himself wealthy as he makes them ill. I, for one, am glad that YouTube acted on his advice and removed this parasite from their platform. I can only hope that he is the first of many. ————————————————— Support Myles Patreon: —————————————————————– Additional information YouTube Remove Man Who Wanted Sick People to Drink Paint Thinner… —————————————————————– Additional Videos… —————————————————————– Twitter: Facebook: Website: —————————————————————– Intro Music by Michael ‘Skitch’ Schiciano DJ Quads – Dreams —————————————————————– #Quackery #TurpentineTherapy #SunFruitDan

By Eve Reiland

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