Opinion: Commentary: Measles and Non-medical Exemptions

Measles is back and it grips our nation, with 28 states reporting 1,044 cases — a 27 year high! Cases recently were confirmed in Maryland and here in Virginia. The Virginia case involved a traveller passing through Dulles Airport. It’s hard to believe but America eliminated measles in 2000 with an aggressive, government-sponsored immunization campaign, however that landmark public health achievement will be history if the outbreaks continue through Sept. 30. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) define a measles outbreak as >3 cases/100K population/month. For Mt. Vernon, that’s about one case every three months. Seven states, including Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, report 15 recent outbreaks.

Source: Opinion: Commentary: Measles and Non-medical Exemptions

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